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  1. Looking for a high potential GEM project? Then check out $MAN of @MatrixAINetwork. Out of 21,752 cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap, there are only 8 AI projects with their own blockchain! #MatrixAINetwork is just one of them! A gem with excellent Utilities. Bag enough of it now🤑

  2. Utopia p2p is a massive project . You should stick to it . It gave me 10X since it has two coins CRP & UUSD now . UUSD is stable while CRP is not .

  3. Woofin Paws Token may choose to pay fees to operate on an existing blockchain rather than create their own chain for several reasons, including:

  4. Downloading to see rather than signing in to confirm age :D

  5. Bara GF Gf kr ra h, dekhna kahi kat na jae tera

  6. The website inside utopia are really useful . There is a new site uSMS through which I can easily pay with CRP to get things get an SMS which is really amazing .

  7. Utopia p2p is a great project . Almost everyone on earth is ready to opt Utopia p2p and I can see now that many people are online on Utopia P2P platform .

  8. Yeah, something meaningful would be great

  9. Koi abad rahe, jb tk hindi nhi ati tb tak tum tatti ho

  10. Remove all money and open new bank account

  11. I checked the UtopiaP2P application client on the information you share and I see that people can actually browse all Clearnet websites using the UtopiaP2P advanced Tor browser called Idyll. This is also another peak innovative concept by Utopia after the creation of the first and only privacy stablecoin called UUSD.

  12. I hope it worked well for you . Install Utopia p2p on your cellphone too . This will make the communications handy . I like the mobile application . If syncing is done more smoothly then it would be great .

  13. It does work for me. The UtopiaP2P app client is where I communicate anonymously with friends and co-workers. Besides, I like the fact that I can also monetize my content on the platform.

  14. Utopia p2p is going to be an efficient place for sure . Install Utopia p2p and get started which is easy as heck . If someone is scared , VMware is right there .

  15. People really need to consider the environment their pets were bred/evolved to inhabit vs the actual environment where they will be kept. I always feel sorry for huskies in tropical climates. Sure they can survive, but It seems like part of them is always longing for the chill of snow and cold.

  16. That's what I was gonna say . They have double coated skin to protect from cold

  17. I get irritated of water when I have electronic stuffs around . It is nice to see how you manage it so well .

  18. Utopia p2p was meant to be for privacy basically but I can see that it has got many new opportunities in here . Install and get started with Utopia p2p right away .

  19. Umm, Why was it thrown like this ? Just for Demo ?

  20. Or Utopia p2p ? No country blocks Utopia p2p currently . Utopia p2p is a blockchain based network ecosystem that has built an installable application that can be installed in your pc and android .

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