School Board Policy for Lunch in NC

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  1. There was no possible, it was. I ended up watching way too long because of it.

  2. Waste of time. But someone shared a different live that showed more.

  3. The dog chiropractor is a crazy concept…but the dogs eyes say other wise

  4. Dude at the end is like “I got me a sweet pink bucket hat!!”

  5. Pull up the image on your computer. Take a small piece of Lexan and place in between computer and a camera. Spray lexan with water. Take the picture.

  6. Being in and around bands is how I got my start in graphic design. These are all sketched on notebooks, book covers, desks, by someone in the band. They’re not using pre-existing fonts.

  7. My only suggestion is the vocals need to step out front more. To me they blend in with the rhythm track. I don’t necessarily think the volume needs to come up, might be as simple as turning up the mids and the highs a little bit on the vocals.

  8. Probably shouldn't drive with a trailer, but as someone who sucks with them too... I feel for this guy.

  9. Wow! JUST FREAKING WOW!! This is really well done!

  10. This was all that I had to go with. My apologies if this isn’t enough to go on.

  11. I’ve been looking, but I can’t find it, but I know what your talking about. I totally remember this. I was in 4th grade when I used an Apple II. I wonder if it was some educational available only software.

  12. Being in junior high and finding the neighbors porn magazine stash.

  13. Why is his name spelled like its past tense? Shouldn't it be David?

  14. This is awesome. And I can’t wait to use it at work Monday.

  15. Meanwhile teachers in my area are forcing students to eat food out of the garbage can.

  16. Does it work and does it come with all that other stuff in the picture? Even though it’s older, it’s a really great piece of a equipment. I’m a guitar player and my friend had this-it made me sound good.

  17. Yep. Works, everything with it.

  18. I run a non profit, so I totally understand offering fair payment. I think if you offered someone $500 for all of this, this is a fair win-win deal. Or, they could donate it, and since you’re a non profit, they can write it off. To do this, you could look up each piece of equipment and write them a receipt for that amount-which without seeing condition of all gear-I’d say $800 would be a good start. Just my 2 cents.

  19. It was a Native American term Canesadooharie which meant river of black pearls. Probably referencing the shale rocks when they are wet.

  20. Depending on the model, note the size of the plug. I have a PowerBook Titanium and I found an original power adapter. I didn‘my know they had multiple pin sizes, and this one was too big.

  21. That’s also the same age demographic that makes and spends the most money. You understood the mission.

  22. This is the first time I’ve actually been jumpscared on here 😭

  23. It jump scared me the second time after I figured out what I was watching.

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