1. Pic 1 looks like mold growing on kahm, in a ring just above the liquid level.

  2. Uh oh...sorry to say but I think that one will have to go (although you can wait for other opinions, I could be wrong). It looks like you may have been using the Ziploc bag method to weight it down, but it seems the onions were pretty close to the surface so it's possible they got above the brine because the bag is ultimately flexible.

  3. I was using Ziplocs yes, this is one of four ferments all started the same day, with similar pepper and onion mixtures - btw I found out I don't like fermented onion that much - and this is the only one that developed those darker colors

  4. No no get Ryan Reynolds he was so funny in that movie about video games

  5. Good for her, fuck keeping someone alive when they don't want it

  6. Disenchanting greens that people list on the AH for significantly lower than their “DE value”. You can use Auctionator to see the DE value of items (not a default setting) and if you check every now and then you’ll probably find anywhere between 5-20 greens that are recently listed where disenchanting them will return you some decent profit. I always just search for lv 72+ items cause the market for infinite dust / greater cosmic essence is a lot more active than the lower level stuff from previous expansions. It’s a bit of RNG ofcourse, but I find that as long as you only buy items for about 2 gold or less than their DE value, you’ll end up making some easy money

  7. I never knew this about auctionator! I need to enable that when I get home

  8. For real. A freaking TikTok with a caption is an article now

  9. Saberspark and shaffrillius both gave it glowing reviews. Apparently the animation is like spider verse and the story Is actually good

  10. I agree, but wouldnt do wood. Most people throw molotovs at wood doors for fun after the first day or two of wipe.

  11. Agreed, I will Molotov a wooden door on even the shittiest 1x1 all day long. Usually it's a trade of 50x cloth and 50x low grade for the equivalent of like 1-2 scrap runs. Totally worth it, all day long

  12. I'm not still thinking about Rust, I just call Rust late at night when I'm drunk to see how she's doing without me

  13. I was building it on a test server for a dude who wants events and rp stuff on his server and it was fun until it stopped working

  14. Play the game however is fun to you and don't listen to weirdos who wanna try to keep you from having fun

  15. It was honestly pretty small maybe 7lbs, I had a probe in and just watched the temp passively but maybe 3 hours, then an hour of basting. I was shocked how little I did with it

  16. So is this basically reheating a precooked, presmoked ham? I'm new to smoking, how does that not dry it out? What temp do you smoke at?

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