1. Yes!! I do the exact same especially in situations like that, and for the same reason so people don’t think I’m taking too long. It’s not wrong at all! Especially if you’re doing to protect yourself from hurtful comments. Most the time situations like this aren’t worth it anyway I find!

  2. Glad I am not the only one also. I have been getting better with share with closer friends that I am dyslexic, but it seems some friends that know don't connect it together that reading really is hard for me. Wish more people understood how dyslexia affects people.

  3. Urgh that’s so frustrating! I’m really open these days about my dyslexia just because I find it saves time in the long run especially at work situations but I’m the same as you I’m still shocked people don’t connect it!! Same here I wish more people knew too, luckily I’ve found being open about has saved situations where people would have been rude but still I get the occasional comment or grammar correction from those around me and I’m all god was that really necessary!?!

  4. Hey! I totally understand what you’re going through and sending you the biggest hugs because this illness fucking sucks!!!! I am now unemployed due to endo and living with my parents. I worked in healthcare and it got to the point where I realised I can’t look after myself whilst working so how can I look after my patients?! I had some stuff that needed to be returned to my job recently so a coworker picked them up and was all very understanding until she had a go at me for taking a job that was too far for me. I’m sorry love I was trying work like everyone else I didn’t know it was gonna affect me that much!!! Literally she was at my front door telling me, who has the audacity to do that when someone has left for health reasons?! You’re right about it’s hard enough being a woman in the workforce taken seriously as it is, literally had a male coworker ask me what endo was and said “oh so it’s mood right?!”. So glad you’re able to move out next month, I hope that affects your health positively. I’m sorry your parents don’t understand how much this affects you. My parents where similar until they witnessed me struggling before and after work. Also hope you can get some sort of disability allowance to help you. I’m the in the U.K. and waiting to see if I’m eligible for something similar, it won’t be a lot but it’s something! Wishing you all the best in the future💓

  5. Hey, I completely understand your current situation I too have all your symptoms and recently quit my career too because of them. I’ve had 2 MRIs at 2 different hospitals done differently, one found nothing and one found a patch in my rectovaginal area… and I kept asking my doctor well does this explain all these symptoms and he simply didn’t know or said no. I thought they were gonna find everything on that second mri because my doctor was so passionate about it and in the months I waited for the results I read so much about what’s easy to find on there and none of that came back.

  6. Omg she’s such a sweet baby!!!! Congrats on the puppy! Puppy’s are sooo much better than flakey friends!! Wishing you 2 loads of happiness together💗

  7. Not a dumb question at all!! Desk chairs always trigger me and when I worked I was found sitting on the floor of the office one day working from my laptop as I just couldn’t handle the pain!! I had an mri and they found endo in the rectovaginal area and I wonder if that has something to do with it idk. But I’m the same as you sitting hurts especially on my period! I’ve got a pelvic cushion which helps a bit

  8. Oh it’s so nice to know others feel the same 🥺 I feel so guilty I’m such a moody bitch and my boyfriend tried to cheer me up and I’m just miserable.

  9. Don’t worry I’m sure he understands, but I too was like that on the mini pill and those close to me were really understanding and not that we need too but I’ve shown my way of being grateful for that now I’ve returned to the mini pill. I was the exact same though nothing could cheer me up and it was more a case of waiting and hoping my mood would shift.

  10. I’m in the UK too! Oh that’s good new they have actually found it and hopefully listen a bit more now?

  11. Aye!! I really hope you can see a gynaecologist soon though!! My gynaecologist and one of my gps listen a lot more now which is great. Thank you❤️ hope you are too!!

  12. That last line😓😓. I know the feeling.

  13. Fucking sucks right😓!! Those close ask how I am and I’m all “ahaha yeah great” she says sitting on a heatpad whilst taking cocodamol

  14. Or whilst having my tens machine on full blast, Tylenol taken, and exhausted beyond belief

  15. THIS!!!! When you fall asleep and you don’t know whether it’s endo fatigue or the tablets or both! My friend the other day was asking where I was, literally fell asleep so quickly I had no clue!

  16. I was in publishing and quit because i couldn’t work anymore, that was a year and a bit ago. Endo was impacting me daily at that point. I thought i would be able to be back working after stage iv excision surgery six months ago but i got even worse 😭, in the last 6 months I’ve had multiple ovarian cysts rupture and have had to deal with daily pain. I think I only get only 4 good days a month.

  17. I’m in a really similar position and what you said about living with your parents and having them see you go for ambitious to having a chronic illness hit me so hard. My parents are dealing with the same thing and it kills me knowing it hurts them. They pretend like it doesn’t but I know it does, they were so proud when I got my first job before I qualified but it all went to shit and I quit this month. You’re lucky you’re able to do freelance and able to get support from your government. I’ve just applied for some in the U.K. but don’t know if it will come through or not. Wishing you the best in the future💗

  18. I went down to 2 days a week and then this month I made the decision to leave. I just really struggled with the unpredictability of my symptoms and the unpredictability of my job. I’d be exhausted just from getting ready. I worked in healthcare and it got to the point when I realised I can’t look after others health when I can’t look after my own. I was in a weird position though as I just qualified so didn’t really know my job well enough. I do wonder if I had a job where I worked there for years it would have been easier going part time. If a remote job comes up I’ll apply but right now I’m waiting for my surgery. Wishing you the best in whatever you decide to do! I wish we had more support in the workplace for endo and more understanding how it messes up our work/ careers

  19. Mine have been my longest symptom and they came back with a vengeance this summer!! I can have a low pain day, go to the toilet and bam I’ll be in bed for the time being because of the pain! I also get negative uti tests. It’s not great but I literally sit with a heatpad between my legs for hours on end for relief! Hope you can get relief of this bladder pain, it’s so crap!!

  20. :( yeah I am the same. Some days are better than others but its always there

  21. This!! Even when it’s at its absolute lowest I never feel 100%, don’t even remember what that feels like :(!! Sorry you’re experiencing the same things! So crap!

  22. Indeed :( so so crappy. Grieving my old life and my old body

  23. Right!!! Same here :( , recently quit my job after right after qualifying for the job I had, so shite. Wishing you the best, hope one day we can find some sort of relief

  24. I have really bad knee pain associated with my endometriosis. Around and during my periods my knees absolutely kill! I haven’t had any imaging done on my knees so idk if anything else is going on there but it’s always been connected to my periods from my teens to now (23). Might be something worth looking into alongside adenomyosis as well. Wishing you the best I hope you can find some answers!

  25. Anyone know when this will be in the uk?! Or on streaming services?

  26. I believe so as the anniversary ends in September. They’re pretty well stocked on anniversary stuff it seems! Good luck!

  27. It’s so so crap. I had an idea the other day tho idk if it would ever come to anything but probably all of us here have probably been in the same waiting room at the same time, and because it can feel so isolating and awful we could all wear a badge or colour or something that signifies that idk we’re here for the same reason or we’re happy to talk or idk. But you’re right the cycle is so unbearable and we never know what’s coming. I always make sure to do or buy something nice after if I can just to help me through it good or bad. Hope you’re doing okay

  28. i love that idea!! thats such a sweet thought 💕 im way ahead of you and treated myself to a small cherry pepsi lol

  29. Awh thank you💗! Maybe I’ll post about it properly one day as maybe it could help some of us!? Yassss great choice!!

  30. I would definitely recommend telling your job about this if you feel comfortable. I’ve since left my job due to endo symptoms but me being open with them helped us come to an agreement which worked for me and them. I wonder if they would allow you to continue working from home as that’s the best for you right now and how you manage your symptoms? Also I don’t have lap confirmed endo but I said it was endo just to make things easier and for my job to take it seriously. They had no clue about the diagnosis process anyway! Wishing you the best

  31. I do! Mainly with flare ups or with my period. Sometimes it’s so bad I use crutches.

  32. God damn. That’s horrible I’m so sorry. That’s terrible. Honestly my pain is so bad right now I’m literally shaking

  33. Awh thank you, omg I’m so sorry that’s so awful! God I hope the pain eases for you soon! Sometimes I find a weighted blanket helps my leg pain if you have one I recommend💗

  34. I’ve found since my endo has gotten worse that some people are just really shit dealing with health and illness, they just don’t know how to react?! I’m so sorry that person was so rude to you!! Angry on your behalf for them being that way!! Your not an inconvenience what so ever and I hope the next time you mention your endo you don’t receive this reaction!

  35. I feel this, when I used to work it took everything out of me. Now I’m looking to get back into work I’m struggling to find jobs that I can actually work. My non disabled friends have super chill work from home jobs where they barely do any work and most of their time is spent chilling during the hours they’re meant to be working, why can’t I find anything like this for myself? 😭

  36. Omg I keep thinking the same! Where do my friends find these super chill jobs and I can’t find anything that fits my current situation?! I’ve just left work as it just wasn’t working anymore and I’m just struggling with the whole situation

  37. Following this! Just left my job as I just couldn’t do it anymore and I can’t find anything else!

  38. It’s so shit right?! Trying to plan ahead when we have no idea how we will be feeling or how the event will affect us in the coming days. Urgh. I hope though you and your friend can celebrate galentines even if it’s a different plan or day

  39. It really is! Plans never work out for me, spontaneity works best however, not for my friends! 😅 Thank you! ❤️

  40. Omg same! But I need to learn from you to be spontaneous when plans don’t work out or when I’m having a ‘okay day’! ❤️

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