1. So expect to get groped at the meeting by anyone who wants to cop a feel.

  2. Stay positive and work with the system. Be polite with people and a little respect goes a long way whether they deserve it or not doesn't really matter. What matters is you get some cash flow.

  3. The original 100 used to keep some whiskey around to level people off who needed it

  4. do what you want. if it works our hat is off to you. there are no bosses in AA to make sure you are doing it right. a sponsor is just a guide who make suggestions that they have followed.

  5. Agnosticism and even atheism are ok in AA. But don't you be agnostic towards sponsorship. That's a major violation. AA is jacked.

  6. Thank you for clarifying Old Timers you respect versus old timers that don't deserve respect. God would have been with you either way with the semi

  7. There are a lot of Psych jobs in AA so watch out and be careful

  8. I believe in God the father almighty creator of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ his only son our lord....

  9. Groups can violate the traditions without any problems whatsoever. So you can do whatever you like.

  10. You have to fight the final boss. The guy who makes coffee at the local clubhouse for 30 years and attends every picnic within a 50 mile radius.

  11. The final boss is a bald-headed guy with a beard and some tattoos

  12. Emerging from a spree feeling remorseful is part of the wet phase of the cycle of Alcoholism. Its in our literature.

  13. You don't need a higher power to work the steps you can't work the steps without God the creator of the universe

  14. At least you didn't get a felony domestic or something of that nature.

  15. God alone will decide what you can or cannot live with. I cast no stones

  16. I have the nicest wheelchair in the nursing home. When people see me reclining they think I'm trying to act cool. Yeah it's another day at the beach. Everyday is a vacation.

  17. We are NOT bullet proof People because of the steps. AA claims one common solution no matter what the problem is and no matter who you are. That's not realistic.

  18. Well that's AA for you. No matter where you go. Do not seek gods of human origin. Seek God .

  19. No. You have to get honest with God. That takes time.

  20. The AA literature is loaded with Christian references

  21. Sounds to me like your are projecting your feelings and experiences onto me.

  22. God doesn't need our consent. We are all on a lifelong journey towards God. God was with us in our bottoms when we were the worst. Enjoy the fellowship. God knows what God is doing and its always for good.

  23. I don’t need approval on my chosen higher power + I’m not on a “journey towards god” either.

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