1. Because corporate interests need another reason for a gov bail out.

  2. Cape cod chips are supreme. Also if you tour their factory (in Cape Cod, wow!) you can eat chips hot off the line!

  3. Its as if the factory was made specifically for the tour!

  4. Perfect timing! I get a colonoscopy AND endoscopy on Thursday and I have it on my calendar as “Spit Roasting.”

  5. Opps just double checked and looks like i was only charged the 1.75 from panda express. My bad. Going to leave this up so everyone can see that im a dumbass

  6. I just checked the Panda app, the app explicitly states it's a tip for the delivery driver

  7. Oh, they also gave me the wrong order. So i got a full refund, and the driver gets to keep the cash i gave them so it all works out. Now with what you just said sounds like a class action lawsuit

  8. 100% of the tip should go to the delivery driver, could be a possible glitch but I'd suggest contacting customer service unless someone else has a definite answer.

  9. Lol i think it was a bug. Looks like i was only changed the 1.75 tip. My bad!

  10. This also sounds similar to when cohen sold the towel stock, but everyone here denied it until it came out officially

  11. Or you know, the devs could do something about it…

  12. Exactly, this piece brings the problem into the open. A homeless person see this as a bed, but most people just walk by a bench, now everyone sees this is a bed. Additionally, it acts as a billboard for anyone needing a place to sleep.

  13. 99% of benches are unsleepable. This one is, it has a wind block from behind and will keep you off the ground if the ground is wet. This bench is better than nothing. And when you have nothing, anything is a blessing.

  14. Here’s the only thing I find strange. Doesn’t RC know at this point that the stock market is a total scam? Why isn’t he just hammering this one play until we can blow the whole thing up and go home. Why would he invest his money (not ours - I’m certainly not touching that stock) knowing full well Kenny G and the Crime Kidz are gonna manipulate the shit out of that one too? Strange times…

  15. It sounds like the same play the brett icahn pitched to apple.

  16. Match their energy level and slowly calm down which they will mirror

  17. Nice idea but corporate blocks my usb port. For anyone wondering, mouse jiggle can be done via software by having powershell continually push a dud key like num locks

  18. Im convinced that this is just the devs testing the ai for the next version of the game

  19. Hi thank you for the contribution. I am wondering if anyone ever does analysis to see if Mayo Force one is ever is the same location as other douchemobiles like Elon or Jeff from Susquehanna

  20. MF1 went to Africa with the jets of Jeff Bezos and Paul Tudor Jones. The jet of Leon Black went to La Perdiz in Spain with MF1. Not seen any interaction with Bill Gates. There was one occasion where MF1 in Austin Texas at same time as Elon Musk jet, but that’s all I know of…

  21. Hey thanks for that! Im guessing there is no way to check back in time?

  22. If your using the screen that i think youre using then i was able to do the same using a huzzah8266

  23. Fortnite is a major reach IMO. They've implemented characters like Goku, but I doubt they've gone so far down that path that they're ready to integrate web3 assets.

  24. Ready to integrate, probably not. But the dude 100% is working towards it.

  25. Tape a tac to your bumper and see if they actually touch your car

  26. I agree. Keep expectations low, and we will remain zen.

  27. When i gotta poo bad, the feeling gets more urgent the closer i get to the toilet.

  28. Adafruit huzzah + neopixel attachment. No soldering needed. I was able to fit it into a white salt lamp to diffuse the light

  29. Did citadel send brett h into ftx to understand the business model to then find a way to crash their business, allowing a vacancy in the market that citadel and fidelity magically filled with their own crypto exchange?

  30. Just in case you didnt know; theres two photos there, you can scroll right by swiping.

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