I put a computer in my 80s Voltron toy castle

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  1. For some reason I can’t accept combining Rubber Soul and Revolver because stand-alone they are so great and one is an amazing prelude to the other.

  2. Just wait'll they grow up a bit and discover Top Gear...

  3. Lol this one has been watching Top Gear since he was 3!

  4. He literally won’t stop doing skids now

  5. Would someone explain to me how the White Album is more beloved than Rubber Soul?

  6. The breadth of White Album is what does it for me. I find other albums have a certain “mood” that I have to suit, but White Album is playable no matter what my mood. I can always find a bunch of songs on it that I would listen to on any given day.

  7. Definitely an upgrade! I got the same case, might try the side panel swap. Where did you get the perforated aluminum?

  8. Found some on eBay. I just double-checked and they’re actually stainless steel not aluminium. 380mm x 300mm in size.


  10. Check out my recent post of my metalfish t40, I replaced the acrylic panels with perforated metal sheets which I painted white. Turned out pretty good.


  12. I think a number of teams would have faired better than Sydney today. But then again, I honestly though Sydney’s best would have been enough to make this a contest.

  13. Does anyone have any recommendations on any media that could help build up to understanding special and general relativity. If you have any recommendations on stuff regarding the math needed as well I would greatly appreciate it. I've already done associate degree level math and physics and I've dabbled in undergraduate level math but I've been really interested in relativity. Any form of media would be of help

  14. I just finished reading General Relativity from A to B by Geroch. Great little book which covers SR and a bit of GR without heavy math. Collier’s book is also great to get familiar with the math.

  15. Hoping we get some mamba mentality in the boys next year

  16. So does this mean the de-mixing technology now exists at a level that makes this project feasible?

  17. Yeah, I remember reading an interview with Giles in late 2020 or early 2021 where he said that the demixing technology was a long way from ready, for pre-1967 albums.. then late last year he was saying goes the technology was almost there, now it's done - so the technology must have "arrived" early this year, or thereabouts.

  18. Thank you! And thank you Wellington!

  19. The season ended on a crushing note, but now that a couple days have passed I can look back on the positives.

  20. Nice to see this perspective!! Agree 100%

  21. It’s just a game. It hurts because you love the club but that’s how it goes… we ride the highs and lows. And at the end of the day, it’s grown men running around chasing a ball for entertainment.

  22. I think it’s our biggest game since our last final. I’ve been going to Carlton games for 30 years and I can’t remember a bigger game against Collingwood.

  23. Sydney look really good tonight

  24. I would be happy with a competitive loss that gives the boys confidence they could beat the Dees again if we faced them in the finals, with our full side back. But I would obviously be happier with a win!

  25. Rioli’s decision was a joke and the wrong decision. Cripps getting 2 is the right call.

  26. Agreed. I’m just saying 2 weeks is fair for what Cripps did.

  27. I’ve already commented here, but why don’t we just try something new? Put JSOS in the middle, chuck Stocker in there, Fogarty and Fish can play 50/50 forward/mid, bring kemp into the middle, hell chuck Newnes in there. Fuck it.

  28. I’m with you mate. 100%. Let’s roll the dice and see who wants to step up. Hell let’s throw Curnow into the midfield for a spell a la Buddy earlier in his career just to get a big body around stoppages. We have two strong forwards. Why not.

  29. Disappointed to say the least, hopefully we can rebound next week and get a win on the board.still in with a chance.

  30. Yep. Hopefully that last quarter gives the boys a glimmer of hope for next week, something to build off.

  31. Are those people from last week still pretending that we are going to turn it around and win one of the next two games? or are we all on the same page now and realise that the only way we are making finals is if richmond/st kilda/bulldogs fuck up?

  32. We are not pretending. We are going to have faith until it’s no longer a possibility.

  33. This thread has very Essendon 2021 vibes

  34. We are 5% ahead of the dogs and two games clear, can the Dogs get above us from here?

  35. Roughly speaking they would need to win both by 3-4+ goals. Certainly very possible.

  36. Cripps 21 contested possessions. It was one of his best games of the entire season. He was a bull.

  37. Reading all these posts you’d think we are equal 8th and relying on other results to make finals. Seriously wtf. We are in full control over our own destiny which is a golden position to be in.

  38. Cant wait to thrash them 2 weeks in a row

  39. Best comment I’ve read this last 24 hours. Thank you.

  40. Last night was the only game this year that we have truly stunk it up. Even against the Cats our pressure was good, just couldn’t stick tackles and they were playing lights out and still are… we have made serious strides this year and have one of the leagues younger/more inexperienced profiles.. only player over 30 is Ed Curnow. I was as hurt as anyone else last night but keep perspective, we will more than likely finish 7th or 8th, and that’s a huge improvement on recent years.

  41. I think 7th or 8th is realistically where we’re at and better for our development next year than over-achieving with a top 4 spot.

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