1. I work in Rochester. I’m interested. Do u have the remote for it?

  2. I just had an episode of dp last year. I was in a car accident and the police thought I was on something. They arrested me and did a blood draw in jail. I was hospitalized the next day. Ultimately I pled guilty of OWVI. The test revealed I had anxiety meds in me. It didn’t matter that I had a prescription for it and that I’d been on it for months, I only took it at night. Anyway, now I’m on probation and off the meds. I white knuckle my way through anxiety but it’s getting harder an harder. Bipolar sucks.

  3. Sounds like U.S unfortunately. Bored traffic stop- cops are assholes. Had a friend who got a DUI for driving on adderral , which he was prescribed for ADHD. They caught him speeding and charged him with a DUI after bloodwork was done.

  4. This is so fucked and makes no sense. God I hate this country.

  5. Definitely recommend the hot knife. U don’t know u need it til u have it

  6. Why tho my picks pretty much essentially clean every time and I don’t loose any even small amount of terps from the heat.

  7. That looks like a long ways down OP. OG gang for life by the way.

  8. Was at a mili base in livonia the other day with an IJ-70 as my best gun. Saw a guy getting chased by a zombie, he tries ducking into a barrack, but he opens the door to more zombies. Those zombies chase him to a shed he tries to shut himself in, and I let the zombies in. While he’s getting attacked, I let off probably 9 shots into his back before zombies took me down. Looted his body while prone once I woke up and he had a VSD and a whole lot of ammo and other things.

  9. Use a blood bag, it will cure the gas sickness. No need to have a Pox injector.

  10. I heard if they have that ring around their stem they are deadly.

  11. That’s just the veil. Plenty of mushrooms have a veil that are safe to eat. Well, if you’re okay with tripping that is.

  12. Awesome to see local people on this board 🤗

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