1. I haven't even tried any hollow-point. Still trying to get fmj to feed reliably.

  2. Same to the above. I haven’t even moved on to defense ammo. I ordered some different mags that I’m waiting on. I’m hoping for some improvement.

  3. I had some SMG or SGM (something like that) and they seemed to be more problematic. I can't say that they were 100% to blame but I seem to have better luck with Glock or the premade Kriss extended mags

  4. “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack - great song. Her voice is so seductive in it.

  5. It's been on there a couple days with no bids. Be funny if he can't sell it or only gets his money back.

  6. Because they probably set up 10,000 email addresses to submit entries, and most of us probably only entered one and a buddies.

  7. It did state in the rules only one entry per person was allowed but who knows if they could/would enforce it.

  8. My 10mm has been extremely unreliable. Trying to find the problem but from my experience, if I wanted it for self defense, I would reach for my MPX or even Scorpion first. I've heard the .45 and 9mm are better.

  9. Haven't actually shot it yet but I have the Obsidian 45 to use on both my .45 and 10mm SDP setups.

  10. Not sure yet, and could use some advise. I've been fighting some feed/eject issues since getting the gun. I'm sure a suppressor will help! I think I've narrowed it down to aftermarket mags and/or incompatible ammo. Last trip I tried some factory Kriss mags and other ammo and had much better luck. Can't recall ammo type but I'll update once I can check. The magazines were SGM or something like that and they were 30 rnd.

  11. I was having feed issues with Magtech I think. Was shooting a mixture back then and didn't keep track at first. I've heard more rounded nose bullets seem to work better (like a .45 bullet) and the Sig 180 gr FMJ was pictured fully rounded but they have a flat tip as do the Sellier & Bellot 180 gr FMJ I tried last trip. I wanted to eliminate the Magtech (I think I burned it all up anyway!) and I also left all my SGM brand mags at home and only ran Kriss or Glock mags. This seemed to help though I did have some FTF and jam issues. It probably needs a good cleaning by now. I'll be doing that and hopefully getting to the range tomorrow (Sun) or Mon with the can. Gonna try the Sig a d S&B stuff with it.

  12. Yep, mines a blue Merle and everyone thinks only Aussies come like that.

  13. I took a shot on trying out Kriss Vector Airsoft Parts from China on Ebay. I have to say, the fit, finish and operation is incredible!

  14. I like the waffle-face on the handguard. Looks like I could drive a 16d nail with it.

  15. Bet them Airsoft guys run their guns harder than we do! Have you SEEN some of those f'ers?!?

  16. Looks pretty good considering they had to match some existing flooring? In my experience you usually have to pull up the whole room and redo.

  17. I'd have to say just about any minor character in "Snatch" is worthy of a nom. One of the things RItchie does so well is compelling characters, and it goes for the stars to the small, bit parts.

  18. Looks like you have other preexisting issues.

  19. I've owned the Century, PTR, and HK. Of the clones I would pick the PTR, but of the 3 I would still pick the HK.

  20. I don't think they sound alike. There are similarities between the two bands and people who like one tend to like the other.

  21. I know too many people who think that this is an actual tradition that dates back to like the 40s or 50s, when it's really a post 9/11 method of getting children used to constant surveillance.

  22. They couldn't trademark Santa, so they started a new 'Santa' that they could.

  23. I love this thing. Wasn’t a fan of PCC’s but paired this with my Obsidian .45 and 147/150/168 grain subs and I cant put it down. Don’t let the OOB failures scare you away from these, its easy to check your firing pin block and the aftermarket is affordable and massive.

  24. Yeah, keep 'em clean and check the bolt when you clean it and you'll be fine. I'd avoid binary triggers and excessive rapid firing to be safe.

  25. The scorpion definitely felt really nice too. Even though it’s polymer it had a great feel in hand. You just can’t compare direct blowback to roller delayed. There is a reason all rollers were usually 2-3x more expensive. With the new sinking Turkish prices there’s no reason not to get one if you want a PCC. Add in the OOB issues with the scorpion and it’s an easy decision.

  26. One thing they can't compete with is the low-price, quality, EASY to find magazines though.

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