1. Meanwhile yesterday I bred a weedle and a zubat, with a shiny ditto, and got my shinies at the first egg. If you can, get yourself a shiny ditto. It's amazing how easy it is to get shinies on gen 2.

  2. Yeah, odds drop to 1/64 which is absolutely insane

  3. This looks like Gen 1, but I swear shinies didn’t exist in that Gen. Or at least we never heard of them back then, nor of anybody getting one. Were they there this whole time?

  4. It's in Pokemon Crystal so gen 2 haha. Shinys were introduced in gen 2 and they were determined by their IVs (they were called DVs back then), so technically, a Pokémon from gen 1 has a chance to become shiny (1/8192) when transferred on a gen 2 game.

  5. That's a nice collection you have here ! Currently trying to get a shiny Ponyta in Crystal this thing take an eternity haha

  6. You’re hacking. But it’s not the shiny. Moltres can only be obtained if you transfer from Gen 1

  7. I play on emulator, I'm currently on vacation so I don't have my computer so I can't transfer my legit save file, I just download a new ROM and gave myself a Moltres in order to progress quickly

  8. Ya but it happens one time I ran into 3 full odds in 24 hours

  9. In my country we say "avoir le cul bordé de nouilles", I'll let you translate it lol

  10. I will explain it to you. Of course it depend by DVs. In gen 2 Pokémon that share the same defense DVs and share same sp defense DVs or DVs that differ by 8(for the shiny gene example it has to have 10 or 2 DVs in Spec Def) can not breed. That's why a Pokémon parent and the child Pokémon can never breed together. A pokemon born from a shiny parent will always have the shiny gene as long as it is of the opposite gender of the shiny parent

  11. If you see my recent posts you will see that I found 2 shiny Pokémon in Crystal with shiny gene Ditto. To find it I caught a lot of Ditto(of course I softresetted every time it wasn't the right one 'cause Ditto is difficult to catch) I put it in the Daycare with Shiny Gyarados and you know it's the right one when talking to Gyarados it says:'it glows up with energy " or something like that. This means that Ditto has the correct DVs and so it cannot breed with Gyarados (this means I caught a shiny gene Ditto). You have a 1/128 chance to find a shiny gene ditto

  12. Ohhhh, never thought about that, I don't really mind doing a chain right now but I'll probably try to get one soon ! Thanks again for all the tips !

  13. Well actually... Phone emulator lol

  14. Right on. I love that there’s a method for even Gen 2. I’m trying to hatch Larvitar myself right now.

  15. Yeah ! It's so pleasant to hunt on gen 2 and the odds for breeding are vert high so it's even better. Good luck for Larvitar !

  16. The first movie is basically the same story, second movie have is a different story but stick with the original idea (I don't really know how to phrase it but you'll understand when you'll watch it) and the last two are totally different ! So you'll only "waste" (you won't) your time watching the first Rebuild but afterward it'll be a new story ! So I, of course, recommend the Rebuild series. If you have any questions feel free to ask btw !

  17. Many people already answered but I just wanna remind the fact that they are several versions of the rebuild but they are only minor changes. For instance for Evangelion 3.0 there is the 3.0 version, which is basically the movie when it first released, there is the 3.33 with some changes and recently they also made a new version called 3.333.

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