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  1. If you just keep doing it it will eventually pop up. I’m a very very very causal player. Had the same thing happen a few months back. But I’m not a huge player so I just forgot about it and returned to the Hunt or Apex. Tried it a few times after that with no results. No email. Then tried it a few days and boom. Received the email with no problems. Weird.

  2. Love Galenas. Hate them bags though!!! I’m going to get two of these later at Bloom! Looking forward to it. I won’t lie, soon as I seen the name I had to order it lol. Didn’t do a lick of research on it.

  3. Right now they have a special going near me. $8 for a 0.5 gram frx cart. Sour apricot is the flavor. Very good price.

  4. What!!!! Damn! I’d buy the shit out of those and I’m not really even a vape guy. I’m 80/10/10 flower/wax/vape. Edibles don’t do Jack shit for me! 😞

  5. I usually walk right into Bloom seven mile and walk right back out. I’ve never waited no longer then maybe 15 minutes. Now that shit pit in Monroe I’ve had completely different experiences. I wouldn’t waste my time pissing on that shit hole. But Bloom is my favorite by far.

  6. Nice! I’m on my way to Bloom in a bit to pick up some of this.

  7. That stinks. Someone not trained right?

  8. You can place an order anytime of the day or night online. However, whatever sale they are having that day is not noted until the morning. And these order systems are very simple and fail proof. When out of stock happens it’s typically because they manually do it. Like hey one of our regulars wants a certain flower but it’s out of stock. Well then just take it out if this guys bag. Computer inventory = never wrong. People inventory = often wrong.

  9. I stopped going to that shit hole In Monroe Ohio for this very reason. Well. That was just one reason. But ever jar I ever bought there was wrecked. Trash dispensary. Where did this come from? Fuck em. Call em out!

  10. I’ve always heard/thought that flower with over 40% THC is usually trash. Something about the plant not getting enough vital nutrients or something. Highest I’ve had in the program is Garlic Cookies at 36% and I will say it was dry and tasted awful.

  11. Cincinnati fans are definitely the softest most timid fans in the NFL. That’s not really meant to be an insult. Just facts. Go to a Eagles game or a Bears game and it’s an entirely different atmosphere. You could wear a “fuck Cincinnati” shirt to a game and everyone would just be scared of you at PBS. Wear a fuck the bears shirt to Chicago you won’t make it out of your car not alone make it into the stadium.

  12. What didn’t you like about Northern Lights? It’s one of absolute fav strains in the program.

  13. Wtf! It has a balloon? Don’t know nothing about this side of the program. Looks like a good deal though. I’m sure you’ll sale it np.

  14. Never had any of these that I know of. I’m beginning to think Garlic Cookies is overrated. It’s hits hard but it’s usually so damn dry.

  15. It tasted so good because of those onions and garlic, my friend. Can't put the blame on the condiment, or the accompaniment! 😉

  16. I hope so! Got me a Donny Burger wax and a 5.66 flower of Donny waiting for me to pick up at Bloom later. Superflux I believe is who made these I’m getting.

  17. Ah, a Burger virgin! Lol. "A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new." Let us know what you think!

  18. Very tasty! Effects on point. Kinda dry like GMO always seems to be. Big ole fat buds. I like it. A lot. 👍. Nice evening strain. I haven’t tried the wax yet. I did notice the wax is labeled as a sativa though? And the flower an indica? Not sure how that works. I’m just an occasional dabber.

  19. Well. I’m happy for the cat I guess. But the coyote gotta eat too.

  20. Did he say hello and they said fuck you? If so. They was rude and got what they deserved. Either way. Shit was funny. 😆

  21. I bet you they will be found not guilty. That moment the suspect stepped behind that refrigerator will be the deciding factor. And the fact that the cops were told to expect a gun when approaching.

  22. Watch the footage. He dips behind the refrigerator and reached to his waist.

  23. like Bidenorbust said, it’s the second round of shots that are very questionable. If I was juror I’d want to know if the first round of bullets was a) justifiable and b) was those shots fatal? If so I’d lean towards the “possible” conclusion that perhaps the second round of shots, although unnecessary, did in fact not kill the suspect. And he was actually killed by the first round of gunfire which may be deemed justified and therefore negate the 2nd round of gunfire?? Gonna be interesting to see how this shakes out. Sad situation either way.

  24. I picked up 3 Point Turn for 30% off as well. I agree on the packaging...its chintzy. The buds should have been minis.

  25. Good to hear! I was surprised the 3 point turn has 31% THC! I know people say that THC levels don’t matter that much but someone needs to tell the dispensaries that!! I was happy to get it for 25 bucks. I’m ashamed to say I just paid 52 dollars a week or so ago for a 2.83 Second Breakfast!!!

  26. Favorite. Bloom Seven Mile. Worst. Strawberry Fields in Monroe or whatever they call it these days. I fucking loath that shithole.

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