1. Yep. He basically built the Cowboys' 90s dynasty. Just...not the way he thought he would.

  2. As a Broncos fan, I fear this has happened again.

  3. Looks like some of us getting up there, and we need those stem cells Stat!

  4. Our house seemed too small for the number of grandparents, kids and chairs barely fit in the dining room and the kitchen was roughly 105 degrees at all times, our biggest concern was all the grandparents had brought their chewing teeth. Clothes? Optional.

  5. Favorite Candy movie will always be "The Great Outdoors"

  6. “I think he’s saying he wants to go faster!” “Big bear chase me!”

  7. This defiantly looks and titled like a porn. "Blammmme Canada" intro music with some 70s guitar bwwannwaaas

  8. Ha! My grandma had the same nut holder. I remember the stand for the cracker. Always filled with almonds, walnuts, little round ones, and long black ones. I don’t know the names of the last two. I think the small ones were filberts?

  9. Hazelnuts? My personal favorite (small round ones)

  10. Those were the easy ones! Where are the pesky Brazil nuts? They were always the ones left over.

  11. Not gonna lie - I totally buy Brazil nuts in the plastic cups from the grocery store already cracked and packed! Haha.

  12. Lucky she didn't fall over and Crack her scull on that tile. Mom tips her over by, almost thru window. They come from a long line of geniuses.

  13. The BSG Viper fighters shot spring-fired missiles that were rated for home defense

  14. They make some pretty spectacular models now for the mark I. Recent gift to myself as I had the plastic one as a kid. It came apart in two and you could reverse the front to the back for no reason I could ever think of. Lol

  15. There was the "Crunch Line" - a measure of time when you soaked your captain cereal in milk. Start too soon - shredded mouth, start too late - mush.

  16. These would stick together in one big sticky ball, full of carpet fibers and dust. If you were desperate you would break off some shards.

  17. Look at me! I'm an astronaut!!! takes bite Wait... I think I'll go into HVAC repair.

  18. Milky Way - where the eff is the rest of my candy bar!!?? Need some nuts, a wafer. ANYTHING besides just the filling crap. I’ve been bamboozled!

  19. Every couple of years my husband buys black licorice and it just sits around for a month until I throw it away. He thinks he likes it but he doesn't.

  20. He's at the store "I like licorice, haven't had in a while!" Then stares at black and red. Grabs the black, since that's the kind he always buys. Rinse. Repeat.

  21. My lil brother and I did!! All these years I thought we were the only ones! But yea, ring once..silence...ring again "It's Mom! Get it!".

  22. Ours was "ostrich". Ain't nobody offering an ostrich out of a van in the Midwest in 1975.

  23. Good riddance. Sucks he had to injure two people while he did it.

  24. That looks like a suicide attempt by the stolen vehicle driver who did die. No thru lane- just a hill. Too bad they didn’t just go drown in the ocean instead. Now you got at least two survivors with PTSD and life changing injuries I bet.

  25. I still remember the exact moment, and running chase that followed, when I called my dad a “jackass” at age 10.

  26. And on that note. I’m officially watching NONE of the soccer.

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