1. Do we just pick a topic? General love/Romance reading if there is space for me

  2. One of the worst jobs ever. I was an auto adjuster

  3. You can live outside the city(jersey, NY suburbs/westchester) with a helpdesk salary.

  4. To me, it sounds like you have reached an important port, and there will be abundance.

  5. This is what I thought, perhaps, port could be milestone

  6. Mountains can mean very slow, delays so it could be successful communication comes after a delay or successful communication will finally occur after some time

  7. It will depend on upper management decision.

  8. Possible, I have a 3rd interview next which is just a presentation

  9. Thats exactly it, it gives you confidence that you can do the same thing

  10. 5 weeks. They fucked me on the insurance; my son had to have surgery and they promised I'd be covered in time for that surgery, but came back literally the day before the surgery to tell me that I had to reach 90 days before being covered. A job I'd applied for literally 3 months before that and interviewed 2 months before, called me the next day while he was in surgery to see if I wanted the job. The HR dude was so mad. I dragged him for two pages of my resignation letter.

  11. They didnt tell you about the benefits beforehand?

  12. Had a guy quietly walked several times by the glass conference room i was in with a legal pad with "RUN" written on it. I had already gotten the bad vibes from the place so that sealed it.

  13. Did they ever force you to mark white on forms? If you dont mind me asking, how did your mom treat or feel about other black people, like your relatives?

  14. Forms with ethnicity weren’t all too common, but yes, when there were my mom would mark me as “white”.

  15. Did she say why she did not want you to interact with your family?

  16. Should have picked tech support because you can use that experience to pivot to another tech role

  17. I read it as a significant opportunity to take part in

  18. Can you be more specific about the role? When you say on the software side, is this application security?

  19. Working alongside one or more mentors, Jr Sec Eng performs data collection, ticket processing, analysis, and remediation tasks

  20. Looking at the description to sum it up, they are wanting someone with security knowledge whether it be from school or home labbing to mentor and assist with the software. That's literally what the description is

  21. For people who are used to abuse its safe in the sense they know whats coming vs experiencing the unknown

  22. I was offered to move on to the 2nd interview

  23. Congrats! Ring can also mean repeating. So the cards do make sense!

  24. I didnt think about that but yeah, repeat means the 2nd time so the cards were on point

  25. People change their careers all the time. join my group. Its filled with black people who have made the career change into tech.

  26. Interesting. I run an over-employed group where most members are in tech. You should join

  27. I did not go but the aftermath of me not showing up just showed who my family truly was. They are stupid, vapid and have low self-esteem.

  28. Try software support jobs which are much more laidback in terms of metrics and callers

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