1. Wow that’s a very long list. Congratulations to everyone I can’t wait to see who brings home the win.

  2. Same I thought she had a beautiful physique and was looking forward to seeing her kill the season.

  3. Thank you!!! Waist has been a big challenge for me. I lost 50lbs this prep, so hoping this next one will be able to control waist better in the future!!!

  4. Congrats on the 50lbs you look great now and can’t wait to see your progress as you develop!

  5. I'd go with the time tested "I've started seeing someone else, I can't come over any more." And then regress to nothing but waves or whatever if you see him around. It sounds like he'll move away eventually anyway, yeah?

  6. Just sucks since we share the same driveway since it’s condo living…

  7. Crying 😭 I’ve watched her show up time after time and she finally did it! Let’s go ⭕️

  8. Jenn Dorie! She needed this show to qualify for the O. She's not doing this show this year thought. I'm excited because Vania and Yurika are doing this show. I literally don't know what more judges want from Vania; and I really liked Yurika's physique from this past weekend.

  9. Definitely excited to see Vania since she is with Kim Oddo now.

  10. Oh I agree! It’s always really exciting to see fresh faces and underdogs coming back stronger (vs the same 3 ppl over and over again). I’m really looking forward to Nashville show.

  11. Yes, I can't wait for the Nashville show.

  12. I’m rooting for you Jazzy ⭐️

  13. Interested what Daraja feedback and her and Paul's opinion of what they did "wrong". I don't love the pink although photos aren't very accurate to what they look like in person. I feel like everytime they try to change her look too much it backfires. Like after overall for pro card and win at pro debut, they changed too much for the Arnold. Then went back to original Daraja and started winning again. I think same thing here, tried to change too much, put on too much muscle, maybe not the right suit, not her typical hamstring/glute conditioning, and it was a miss. Last years look IMO would have had her closer to top spot. Even on a "bad" day Daraja is still one of the most impressive athletes up there, which is pretty freaking incredible.

  14. When I saw her back adding creatine back in I was a little nervous at what it would do to her physique. I hope she can make whatever changes to put her back on top because I would like to see her back at the Olympia

  15. She mentioned starting it back on her stories during prep.

  16. Jessica dates Jeremy, then accused him of domestic violence, broke up, got back together with him, then I think there was some overlap with Narmin. Then Narmin and Jeremy got engaged then he broke up with her...that's the broad strokes picture but it was sloppy and Jessica made a few YouTube videos about it. God this had to be like almost 10 years ago

  17. Your a real one! This drama sounds good I hate I missed it.

  18. My cup is waiting for this tea 👀

  19. Ivanna’s presence is very captivating. Her physique is awesome and I hope she takes this one.

  20. Jasmine’s hair, suit color and makeup is a distraction and does nothing for her unfortunately.

  21. I sadly don’t understand why she never places higher.

  22. Jessica or Jazzy! Hate to say it but I don’t think the judges will ever show Vania love.

  23. What do they not like about Vania’s look? I’ve always wanted to know her feedback.

  24. She’s using the new rules to promote her posing coaching business, that’s all.

  25. Do you actually think the family is active on this forum?

  26. We dated he was an amazing father and member of the armed forces. He served multiple tours in Iraq. I’m sad.

  27. I think they just do it to hype up their pages. People constantly checking each story for tea leads to more views. At this point it’s a game.

  28. I feel bad for vania. I feel like she needs a new coach or something… Alexandria rocks the black suit so well but she’s soft. I’m so happy for sierra. She improved so much from last season and is one of the few ppl that can pull off a green suit. Cory was too lean/depleted but looking forward to her next show!!

  29. I think it’s jasmine and devyn’s old coach. I seem to recall both of them saying this guy would have them drop like 20 lbs in 8 weeks. Jasmine said she had a hard time get her conditioning on point because of this style of prepping

  30. I understand loyalty but I wish she would switch coaches. A new set of eyes may be beneficial to her success. I wonder why she stayed with him after all the other girls left last year. I feel so bad for her.

  31. I don’t think vania was in top 3 😢

  32. What more can she do to win. I think she looks great I just don’t understand 😣

  33. Dang! Vania looks amazing. Her waist is nonexistent

  34. I really want to see her win a show because I think she looks awesome. I also love how she always shows up.

  35. She has an amazing shape/structure, but really needs to lose 5-8 more lbs to come in ready (I'm pretty sure she's on the taller end, height-wise). However, she's been pushing so hard for what she has achieved & admitted to not being able to stick to the low macros sometimes. Unfortunately, for some body types it's hell to get truly stage lean & it seems like it's more difficult for her than others. You just have to reevaluate a few things, like coaches, protocol, or maybe get your health/hormones in check & take a break for a year or so. Or just reevaluate if it's worth it if you truly need to crush yourself to the ground constantly to get to (almost) pro level lean.

  36. How long you think she’ll stay with James

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