1. Because the pattern is complicated

  2. Oh Charles really is a BASTARD isn't he

  3. I find it stranger that Adam Hills is going tbh

  4. Had a kidney stone a few weeks back. I honestly wanted to die.

  5. No, we wanted a satisfying resolution to a long and complex story that we’d been following for years. Instead we got:

  6. What kind of resolution were you expecting?

  7. Salah and Jota in for Saka and Kane?

  8. RMT: Kepa; Trippier, Botman, Veltman; Martinelli, Rashford, Grealish, Mitoma; Haaland, Kane, Watkins

  9. I had what the doctor described as a "severe kidney stone" a few weeks ago. I told my friend to just kill me when we were on our way to the hospital.

  10. I honestly don't think chop suey is my favorite but I don't dislike a single SOAD song, from roulette to Lonely day, I love them all, admittedly some more than others, soad is probably one of if not the only band I think that of

  11. You say Roulette as if people dislike that song? Do people hate Roulette?!?

  12. Such a great second half performance. We could’ve scored 6 too and that was after giving Hull a 50minute head start

  13. I spent so much time on that beautiful forum

  14. They need to get Shaun Micallef on it

  15. What a 1 star man thing to shout out

  16. I mean, this piece calls Weghorst versatile so who knows what to think really

  17. I don't think there's too much to read into this. They just want to finish the season and get the right manager in the summer, that's all.

  18. Why not just keep Potter until the summer then?

  19. Watch porn with the sound way up

  20. And the album comes out on MY birthday!

  21. Now if we can tie down Carrick to a contract where he cannot leave that'd be great

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