1. From now on this will be the new "pikachu face" meme.

  2. Keep trying Laenor. Maybe you’ll have one that looks like you

  3. Each of Laenor's sons was handsome, wise......and Strong.

  4. And yet, he rehired Otto as his hand. Do this man only knows 2 people?

  5. He kinda forgot why He fired Otto in the first place.

  6. The difference is that scene was far better

  7. Just to make sure, you're referring to the Alicent one or the Cersei one?

  8. Cersei was so good before they made her a supervillain.

  9. Yep. and that goes for almost anyone that made it to the later seasons unfortunately.

  10. OP the type of person to say "I love you" after 2 weeks of relationship

  11. Well, there's gonna be a royal wedding, you know how that usually ends.

  12. I really wanted to like ROP, but apart from the visuals (which shits all over HOTD's) everything else was just... mediocre, in comparison to HOTD.

  13. Same, I approached both shows with an open mind, putting aside any bias I may have regarding LOTR and GOT. In the end ROP just didn't do it for me.

  14. Yeah, I find myself far more invested in HOTD than in ROP, and if the leaks for the latter are legit, then I don't think I'll find myself being invested by the time the season ends.

  15. Oh yeah, didn't even know there were leaks for ROP.

  16. What I thought was so odd about that was going into season two or three the hair color of Tyrion and Jaime just change to brown for no apparent reason. This despite the gold colored hair of the Lannisters being such an important plot point in season one (and really throughout the series if you think about it). Like Jaime in the process of losing his hand has his hair perma-dyed by the mud and manure he was pushed in?

  17. Lol, by season 8 Tyrion and Jaime looked more like Starks than Lannisters, maybe thats why they ended up Winterfell.

  18. Ned should`ve died like a champ not like a damn civilian like he did, pathetic.

  19. Ironically, the unexpectedness of how He died was one of the reasons the earlier seasons were so great.

  20. can we just talk about this fucking amazing music

  21. I don't hate the Bravos arc, i hate the post Bravos Arya

  22. My problem with the Bravos arc is that it led nowhere, it never showed how Arya became a master faceless assassin. Jaqen never showed her how to use the many faces cause she was never ready, and i'm sure that other girl didnt either. All they did was hit her repeatedly with a stick, have her do chores, and send on some side quests.

  23. Right after beating the shit out of the messenger He gets another letter: George has decided He no longer wants to work on the books, so just accept that the fate of the main charcters there will be same as in the show.

  24. I'm sure you'd have taken out that boar with no hesitation if that lovely wife of yours didnt have you poisoned right Bobby B.

  25. In season 7 beyond the wall episode our main characters were surrounded by thousands of enemies and yet their escape was predictable.

  26. love it when i watch some older movie and i recognise some actor from newer shows

  27. Same here, was watching Shanghai Knights the other day. Totally forgot Petyr B. was in it as the main villain.

  28. Petyr Baelish(Aidan Gillan) is in this movie "BLITZ" I watched for the first time recently, expecting nothing impressive, turns into BAELISH assassinating police officers oh MAN he plays the role well for anyone who wants more of Aidan being a sneaky bastard bad guy totally give BLITZ a watch some time.

  29. Don't remember seeing that one, will definitely do. Thanks

  30. The woman on the bottom right looks a bit like Karen Gillan.

  31. Its from the music video "Guardians Inferno". Most the guardians cast are in it.

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