1. In the context of home theater, "IMAX Enhanced" mostly comes down to viewing angles (FOV) and aspect ratio. You achieve this in small rooms with reasonably sized screens by moving the seat closer. The IMAX spec technically requires at least a 60 degree horizontal viewing angle and they suggest a screen should take up as much of a wall as possible to enhance the illusion of a window into reality. The IMAX aspect ratio is either 1.43:1 or 1.9:1, but you should probably just stick to your projector's native aspect ratio (usually 16:9).

  2. Sitting 10ft from a 120" diagonal 16:9 screen results in a 47 degree horizontal viewing angle. That's right around a lot of people's sweet spot, but we are not talking about IMAX immersion levels. That's not to say it's a bad choice; it's just not what it sounded like you were going for in the original post.

  3. The Jamo Studio series is not great. Polk Signature Elite tower/bookshelves are good for the price, but there are competitive options with better center channels. Check out the Emotiva T0+ & C1+.

  4. I currently use monitor 50s for the rears but because of our sectional they will no longer be at eat level or work.

  5. If you don't intend to replace you speakers anytime soon, I'd probably go with Polk ES15's with that budget. If replacing all speakers is in the plan, it might make sense to talk about the Emotiva B1+ or Kef Q150 to match a future system.

  6. I awesome thanks! Do you think the ES10 would be a better choice since I don't really need the mids for rears? I'm a little concerned going down to the es10s but I know my would would like the size better.

  7. If you must have the smaller size, the ES10 is fine. It's not the better choice from a sound quality perspective. I don't know what you mean by "don't really need the mids for the rears".

  8. TBD on MLP. With the couches in place I preferred the back row but I believe with the new recliners coming in, the ideal spot will be the front two seats. If I were to move the rear surrounds, where would you place them? I know they are too high currently but would still keep them in the back corner or move them further forward? It throws me off trying to decide how to position speakers with the riser area being so much shorter vertically and narrower than the rest of the room. If I did go with 5.1.4 I was thinking I would do 2 speakers in front of the projector and then two in front of the lower seating but just wondering how the different heights would sound? I’m sure I could calibrate it to sound ok eventually. The other option is just two atmos speakers in the tall portion of the ceiling but that wouldn’t do much for the back row of seats.

  9. There is very little chance of good surround sound in the back row. The alcove is an acoustic challenge. I would optimize for the front row and the back row gets what it gets. That means moving the side surrounds forward so they are just a bit behind the front row. Your plan for height placements sounds fine. Again, worry about the angles, not the distance difference.

  10. Would it make more sense to use those speakers as rear atmos or rear surrounds and just convert the system to a 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 with only adding one new set of ceiling speakers for the front atmos and adding new surrounds? It would require a new AVR but that’s not the end of the world

  11. It might work to use them as rear heights. Hard to tell from the image, but the angle of elevation to the front row might be a bit lower than Dolby spec:

  12. That is an excellent sleepover room!

  13. Good speakers are good regardless of content. There is a lot of music in movies.

  14. Now? The Denon S760H has 3 and is readily available for $400.

  15. I bought a sub that was too small for my room and clipped when pushed too hard. Wound up having to exchange it for something bigger right away.

  16. The first thing to learn is that manufacturer specs are not all that reliable. It's better to rely on independent measurements, and there is more to explain than can be reasonably covered in one reddit post. Check out this playlist:

  17. I've got a pull out-sofa and a nearly complete collection of US State quarters (says everyone one FB marketplace looking to trade).

  18. The Denon X3800H is a perfectly capable processor for under $2k. It will handle up to 7.4.4 configurations with Dirac Live coming as an upgrade soon and DLBC expected next year. Since it is an AVR, you can also use the internal amps to drive the less demanding surround channels rather than buying external amps for all channels.

  19. Sorry for delayed response. After doing more digging, I definitely don’t need reference level, -10dB max.

  20. I think you are being too afraid. I doubt the X3600H would struggle with the surrounds if main LCR are on an external amp.

  21. Even with my 4 atmos? So I’d have 8 channels total going through the receiver, 4 at 4ohm, 4 at 8ohm. Im assuming my 3600 can do some of each?

  22. Side surrounds would ideally be a bit farther forward to give some separation to the rear surrounds.

  23. Acoustic Treatment, especially since your setup is pushed so close to that left wall.

  24. Point them down at the MLP... they are doing nothing firing 7 ft off the ground.

  25. This is an exaggeration. They absolutely will be doing something. I do agree aiming at the MLP is ideal.

  26. I don't think the 2nd room can work well with 4 height speakers. I can't really visualize if the ceiling of the 3rd room would cause problems for height speaker placement. I'd probably use the west wall in the 3rd room for the screen to enable more symmetrical placement of front and surround speakers.

  27. The Christie Eclipse gets pretty close, but you need very many monies to buy.

  28. What will be the resulting L/R angle relative to the main listening position? What about the distance to the MLP compared to the center distance?

  29. If the drawing is close to scale, it looks like the L/R speakers would be forced too wide with angles >45 degrees from center. All you can do is to get as close as possible to 30 degrees. Everyone has compromises to make. I would strongly consider an acoustically transparent screen for this space in the future.

  30. The S35 is not a great center and I have no idea how Polk is coming up with a 53Hz bass extension. Independent testing shows a -3dB point closer to 100Hz. Try increasing your crossover frequency.

  31. I was also considering the 53Hz for setting the crossover to 60Hz. Seems I was wrong!

  32. Not your fault. The manufacturer spec looks like a pipe dream.

  33. Most people need to hear that they should invest more in a sub, but most people are also not budgeting $2000 for 2.1 speakers alone. At that budget, I'd probably end up pretty close to 50/50, but it also depends on the size of your room and individual volume requirements. You can get a quality subwoofer to cover the audible bandwidth down to 20Hz starting in the $400-$500 range. Additional spend gives you more output to match the requirements of your space.

  34. Wharfedale EVO has the best matching center (4.C) if you intend to add that later. I understand if you like the look of towers, just don't sacrifice the subwoofer to afford them.

  35. If it’s truly that easy I could probably just do it for him and let him forget about it. That also represents additional cost, though. Considering he wants 7.1.4 minimum, is there a receiver/amp combo with those features within that budget? On Denon and Marantz I know that Dirac live (which comes out as a firmware upgrade in March) will cost an additional $350…

  36. The Denon X3800H and a cheap stereo amp to drive the last couple height channels will only run you $1800. That's well under the $5k budget leaving plenty of funds for Dirac upgrades if you so desire.

  37. Probably Genelec or Neumann, but also don't make assumptions based on brand. Rely on the data:

  38. How far do you sit and what are your volume expectations? Do you have a budget limit?

  39. Don't worry about external amps for now with your budget. It is unlikely you'll use the extra power in an apartment setting from 9ft. The best value in your range is the Denon S760H or X1600 at $400.

  40. It can cause motion sickness in many people.

  41. All fair points. I'll add that most people don't have the room height required for a tall enough second/third row riser to allow sight lines all the way to the floor.

  42. You able to see everything without moving your head left to right? I feel like I'd lose detail being too close but maybe not. I wonder if it would remind me of those days in the theater when you had to sit front row but of course you get more center viewing with good screen placement.

  43. Yep without a problem. The edges of my screen do extend into my near periphery, but I think that's what actually contributes to the sense of immersion. It's rare for a movie to ask you to focus on opposite edges of the frame simultaneously.

  44. I'm in the same boat. I've got all my treatment up except the DIY panels I intend to make for the back wall and front cloud. One of these days....

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