What’s your favorite video game city?

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  1. I haven’t had theirs, but I will try them! I just love the sauces of Wings and Rice Kitchen. It’s the original owner and better than the other Wings n Rice. Try pouring a little of the spicy Honey Mustard into the fried rice and eating it. It sounds gross, but it’s delicious.

  2. Yeah, their Spicy Cajun Ranch sauce is my favorite in town! Plus, their fried rice is amazing too! I absolutely second the recommendation for that place!

  3. Toothless and topless is a bad combination.

  4. Gotta head out to Keithville for that one.

  5. Well, it’s kinda annoying until you finally turn the notifications for comments off. Mine is currently #1 right now, and I didn’t expect that at all! I was just sorta venting because I got cut off earlier, so I asked that question to this sub.

  6. Pfft… it’s not even the “sporty” S version. Just the bare bones model!

  7. The easiest way for someone to get into your network is to not change the default password on everything. If it’s connected to your network, then it can be a risk. Change the default password.

  8. Where did these guys go? They’re amazing, and I wish we had more music from them!

  9. Were you on the Sabine River just north of Toledo Bend? That’s where we always go and have huge success too. Especially in March and April.

  10. I saw a mudcrab the other day. Horrible creatures.

  11. I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!

  12. I’m gonna assume ol’ boy has a trench coat. Definitely a trench coat.

  13. This is amazing! It makes me think of the bonelords from Morrowind. So, I’m just gonna assume that’s what bonelord looked like with flesh on it from now on!

  14. You can tell he didn’t grow up playing Tecmo Bowl because he should of started running in a zig zag, and that guy would of definitely missed when he dove at him!

  15. I remember watching the Arsenio Hall episode after this happened and him saying, “girl you know it’s true… you’re through!”

  16. You forgot the Summerween Trickster!!! Better start getting that candy ready because that last candle is going out soon!

  17. If I remember correct, it’s just to install the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine DLCs. You don’t actually use it to play the game.

  18. The reveal of this as you first discover it is gorgeous.

  19. Absolutely, and the music is always amazing to me. I love it.

  20. I eat a lot of spicy food and have done a lot of challenges over the years, and this chip was the absolute worst! It was just pure pain! And, the pain didn’t stop on the lips or in the mouth, nope, I felt that junk in my chest, stomach, intestines, and going out my ass! It was horrible!

  21. “Nothing personal, kid,” as he takes m’lady to safety away from Chad.

  22. Go to the right and start dropping morph ball bombs. There’s a spot somewhere over there that’ll give way to let you go down.

  23. Sorry, not all the way to the right. The center part directly to your right from the picture you provided. If morph ball bombs don’t work, jump up and shoot down instead. I can’t exactly remember if it’s bombs or just your arm cannon.

  24. No they won’t work and you should just give them all to me.

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