Paid Ohio Poll Worker on Election Day

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A sense of impending doom

  1. As a newbie Unity developer, with this potentially looming in my future, what can I do to mitigate it?

  2. Sub-states, blend trees and using the Any State when appropriate.

  3. Thanks. Are there any good online tutorials that show best practices?

  4. Yes, but don't forget Clickboom (and multimedia fusion), Flash, Dark Basic, Blitz Basic, AGM, Ogre, Panda3d (which was python based). These were all the tools available in late 90s and early 00s. Even on Amiga there was Amos, which was higher level tool for developing games.

  5. I love how many people don’t understand the concept of money.

  6. This - he didn't 'burn 10 grand' - he spent 10 grand on his advertising campaign.

  7. Comes down to when is code unique or complex enough for it to be copyrightable. Is fast inverse square root complex enough? Run of the mill argparse block? What about all of the code on stackoverflow, that can sometimes be pretty complex and can for sure be found in many open source projects.

  8. The difference is that by submitting code to SO you are giving explicit permission for it to be used and abused in any way.

  9. He lost my support when he stopped supporting the Labour force.

  10. The CAM functionality is open source too - free to modify!

  11. It helped thanks for taking the time to write all of this, I just started 5 months ago i made a lot of cool small projects but now taking on a big project sometimes it feels overwhelming and me not having a lot of experience doesn't help me making small goals/sprints like you said.

  12. A big project is just lots of little projects tied together ;-)

  13. I'm in the same boat, execept I have luxury of it being 'steam punk'.

  14. Also worth noting. You are pretty free to add to your military gear. A lot of folks carry jet boils these days. What they do with their canisters is probably what all campers do with their canisters - bung em in their pack. They don't *explode* when punctured, but they do BANG loud enough to give you a heart attack.

  15. As others have suggested, super glue. Only thing to be wary off is some superglues get very hot while they dry and that can melt the foam flock a little.

  16. You can sum as other have said, or you can keep a running total every time you add or remove an item from the list.

  17. Grass is static, needs a wind shader. Looks good though!

  18. When I worked in Canadian elections we who worked at polling stations weren't allowed to talk politics or even wear party colors. Blue for conservatives, red for liberals, green for green, etc. That left us with black, grey, white, and purple. Definitely no party logos or candidate names. It was really nice spending a VERY long day working with people who weren't wearing or talking about their politics.

  19. "It was really nice spending a VERY long day working with people who weren't wearing or talking about their politics."

  20. Uk. As you can imagine, "Politics" hasn't been out of the top news spot for the last 6 years...

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