1. Suede too dark and a bit too thick. Y3 batch of i had to guess

  2. Hows everything else look? The seller has a receipt of when he bought it but ye just want to be safe, he was happy to provide more photos

  3. Looking to purchase this 3 piece mugen spoiler if anyone has any leads on it, would be appreciated! I know it is discontinued so looking to purchase it second hand.

  4. I’m pretty sure it came unpainted in every market but is a common mistake that body shops paint over it during repairs.

  5. Thanks man, owner says it hasnt been in an accident before. So will have to look into this

  6. Ah so the Australians paint over them too down unda. Looks awful when they’re painted

  7. That guy always hunts ppl’s classifieds and lowballs them so he can flip them elsewhere. He offered me $2k shipped for my previous set of evos 17x9 +18 spec. Im more than willing to store them in my basement for another 15 years lol

  8. I have a pair of 17x9+18 MPs if interested. Located Aus tho so shipping might be a killer

  9. I have the exact same set, but gonna return it, just don’t think it’ll get a good cost per wear. The top is nice and lightweight but I wear my Palasonic top a lot and looks more like a football shirt so I’m all good down the pub watching the game in that.

  10. I did something really similar but mixed the toebox black so I could get both royal and fragments in there! Mine are almost done making. Looks good!

  11. Led brake light into a fabed sheet metal housing, fastened that to the lip inside. Ran the 2 wires and t-tapped into the rear brake light. Super general overview but there was a time you could also buy a fiberglass mold with the light from one of my old OG RSX friends but I think he's slowed down on making em.

  12. carbonpcf on insta makes em, not sure how often but have a chat to him! that's where I had mine purchased from.

  13. Could be a bit of an edgy take but I hate this trend of fans essentially asking sportsmen and women for free shit. I forgot which one it was but I saw a boy once ask a tennis player for his hat and the guy rejected him at first but then gave it to him afterwards, probably because he didn't want to come off as an asshole.

  14. I have the whole mecha bundle, base, berserk, extra, nov, spacebar and deskmat.

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