1. Ps5! I’ll get at least 5 years out of the ps5, your ass would be clapped out after my first go

  2. Happy to help you explore that kinky side

  3. Could do an insulation resistance test on the appliance itself but you’d want to do it just after it trips next as it could be a moisture issue

  4. The length of the gap between those front teeth is longer then my longest relationship

  5. Won’t know that unless I get a test drive

  6. Take your shitty violence back to your own fucking country

  7. If I can fuck it afterwards then yes

  8. It's so you brag to your mates. I have 3 phase in my place because it was here when I moved in. The 10kw ducted A/C is 3 phase but you can get single phase units of the same size. I'm getting solar and 3 phase makes it more complicated and expensive.

  9. What state are you from? Having 3 phase power doesn’t add much to the cost at all

  10. It depends how you set up the solar inverters. A lot of people only connect solar and inverter to one phase and are happy with that. Reading the solar quotes website that causes an imbalance when you export that could lead to CBs tripping. Iit won't affect your net export calculations though.

  11. 100% agree. If you have 3 phases at your property a 3 phase inverter is much better

  12. Why the fuck do you have trotters where your hands should be

  13. Gal Gadot from wish “Gal Gadon’t”

  14. The fact that he posted this to three different subs makes me hope he’s on a watch list of some sort

  15. Hahaha I dribbled some of my drink when I read that

  16. There was only one back when I was on tinder, unlimited swipes, 5 super likes I believe

  17. Oh yeah it’s gotten even shitter now… unless you pay $70+ a month you get fuck all

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