1. Because it's a good political football one party or the other can use to create a crisis every year. A crisis is great for them. They can get on TV a whole bunch, make some fiery speeches to a mostly empty chamber, bash their opponents, and hold the government hostage until they get something they want.

  2. Flying someplace to be homeless sounds like an awful idea. How do you expect to get back home with no money?

  3. The names can, but you can't protect an actual color with trademark.

  4. For the same reason conspiracists think JFK Jr is alive hanging out with Bigfoot on the Nazi moon base. They're fuckin' idiots. Recently Q-Anon and its many offshoots have latched onto the idea that there is a giant global satanic pedophile conspiracy and anything they see online involving children is part of it.

  5. Japan goes pretty hard on re-imagining WW2 and the Second Sino-Japanese War.

  6. Pro-Russian reporting is largely done in Russian. So if you don't speak Russian and you aren't active in Russian communities you'll never see it. English-language reporting is almost exclusively anti-Russian and pro-Ukraine.

  7. A lot of people don't think any further than "China bad, protests good!"

  8. It depends on where you live, but the USDA national average for the US is between $250 and $400 per month for an adult woman.

  9. There's not a lot you can do personally. It's a problem that the phone companies need to deal with but it makes them money so they aren't gonna stop it.

  10. Someone made a typo an put in the wrong cell number. Quit worrying.

  11. The There's no such thing as "jurisdiction" to carry out commando raids.

  12. Time is a whole lot easier to measure. You can't get out on the track with a ruler and measure the distance between two cars doing 200mph. You can easily time the gap between the cars when they pass a fixed point though. The distance between the cars is also going to change pretty much constantly depending on the track layout, but the time difference will stay pretty stable.

  13. They got bombed flat, occupied, and governed by the US for 7 years after the war. During the occupation government the constitution was rewritten and Japanese civil society was almost completely rebuilt. Japan still isn't allowed an offensive military under their constitution.

  14. Sounds like you're getting numbers from two different sources that are using different methods to estimate the number of captive tigers.

  15. They have extensive sprinkler systems and enough political clout to keep them on during a water shortage.

  16. The point of a cease and desist is to avoid a lawsuit. It's basically a letter telling someone that you believe they are doing something you should sue them for, and requesting they stop before you sue them. If they stop everyone avoids a costly legal battle. If they don't you decide whether it's worth your time and money suing them.

  17. You can probably still activate the card. If you can't you can likely request a new one from the UI agency.

  18. Ok, I don't need unemployment currently because I'm back in school so I don't have to request a new one, I just wanted to see if there is actually money on this one.

  19. If you were eligible for payments there's probably money on the card for you. If you didn't follow up and certify weeks on your UI claim it might only be a few payments, but that should still be worth spending.

  20. It's at best misleading advertising targeting dumb people who'll pay them $50 for a PDF. Their ads absolutely do not make it clear that the whole thing is a joke, and repeatedly say things like it makes you "legally" or "officially" a lord which is BS.

  21. Nope. I started my career at 29 after many years of working part time and gigs.

  22. You need to have a professional assessment done before you commit. Make sure the land is zoned the way you want it, that you'll be allowed to divide it, that there isn't a bunch of back taxes you'll need to pay, and that it isn't an environmental mess from years of commercial/industrial use.

  23. Then why isn't it done on a larger scale? I feel like we need to implement that more or have some severe restrictions on how people are currently collecting wild caught shellfish

  24. That's really interesting! Would you mind sharing a link? I'd like to read more about how it works.

  25. The judge's job in a jury trial is to make sure the trial proceeds according to the law, and make judgements based on the law and precedent. For example the judge decides what evidence the jury is allowed to see.

  26. Thank you!! :)) It’s a mazda 2019 i think? He said he usually just uses whatever the cheapest one is?

  27. Yeah what you're looking for is going to be labeled "Regular Unleaded" 99% of the time and is usually the cheapest option.

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