1. Shhhh this sub is anti-west and anti-israel

  2. You can tell right away this is from the Kathy Newman interview.

  3. I wonder if there have been any long-term studies on the nutritional impact of vaccination in livestock. I imagine not vaccinating animals would make it much more difficult to raise.

  4. The general broad category of "classified documents" is less important than what those documents were and who had access to them.

  5. Wait you you hear that anyone who pays Trump had access to Mara Lago

  6. There's a difference between staying at a resort and getting into Trump's private residence and personal safe.

  7. Is that what communist think? That greed will just go away?

  8. They believe the gulag will beat it out of you.

  9. New project veritas leak. Pharma piggies can’t stop blabbing to their grindr dates.

  10. "Veritas is a bunch of Nazis, and Nazis can't possibly be gay!"

  11. I don't know, but it's strange to just assume life should automatically be easy for everyone.

  12. There's a massive gap between "easy" and walking 24 miles a day. A gap that can easily be lessened by the richest country in history.

  13. I generally agree with you, but the comparison to communism which would starve its population and kill millions just to make things "fair" seems disingenuous at best.

  14. I just got a gf. I guess I'm not allowed here anymore.

  15. I use it for stress testing and benchmarking. I’m quite happy with it. The only thing I miss is a percentile breakdown of the latency, right now it only reports average latency, but I think there are plans to add a 90th percentile.

  16. I work out pretty consistently, but I'm pretty sure I'm not getting enough calories/protein or sleep to actually build muscle.

  17. If you're gagging, you can probably just kick the student out of your class.

  18. Would be interesting if this particular loophole required the purchase to be the owner's primary residence. At least would help bolster small town populations.

  19. To be fair, if everyone against being vaccinated actually stood their ground, things could have been different.

  20. That isn't a statue of "Moloch". That is a statue of the Owl of Minerva. There are multiple references to Minerva and the Owl of Minerva at the Bohemian Grove.

  21. So the moloch is actually being sacrificed to Minerva?

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