1. November was a very good month for empties! Some of these are staples, but I’d say I liked all of them.

  2. Thoughts on the okaplex, clinique, bedhead? How long did the clinique last you?

  3. I wanna preface this by saying I have coarse wavy hair. It’s honestly a struggle. Tbh olaplex 0 only lasted me like 2 uses because I have a shit ton of hair lol so I’m not sure whether it helped in repairing my hair or not. But In general I swear by olaplex products. They’re the only ones that have saved and repaired my hair over the years.

  4. Ah bummer the tigi doesn’t work as well! I have a shit ton of hair too so I’ll skip the Olaplex 0, I have been using the serum nr. 9 and it’s not bad!

  5. My order came to Luxembourg from France in under 2 weeks, no fees. It will now be my go-to. Make sure to look at their "sets". I got a set of Dr. Ceracle Vegan Kombucha Essence (29€) and Beauty of Joseon toner (10€) for 31€. Saw some other good deals as well. And the box of 2 (!) Joseon SPF creams at just 13-15€ total at their French site is hard to beat!

  6. Was this recently? My order late October took like 7 days to arrive, but the one I placed on the 17th this month still hasn’t shipped because of the primer I got. Hoping that the Lux postal service isn’t overloaded by the time mine ships 😭

  7. Blab Matcha Cleanser - gave me a face rash that took weeks to heal and 5 trips to the dermatologist for allergy testing and a whole month of esthetician facials to recover the wreck that my face was left with.

  8. Did you find out what caused the allergic reaction from the B.lab matcha cleanser?

  9. Not really, no. The ingredient testing mostly showed that I’m allergic to nickel and cobalt. Researching a bit shows that there’s high amounts of nickel in tea because of soil content. So who actually knows tbh, but it was an awful experience. I avoid anything tea based since and I have been fine.

  10. Also my favorite, I always rec it when I can and everyone that bought it bc of me swears by it now too! Such a hidden gem

  11. Did you like the formula? I thought it was okay, but pretty mediocre for me because it didn’t last the whole day and didn’t stick to my skin right. So I’m not really excited about this, even though it would make my life easier to not use mixer anymore. But the Double Wear formula is unbeatable so far…

  12. The Revolution eye pigment base I use as a mixer is being discontinued too which is a bummer.

  13. I use their Colour Correct primer as a mixer and it works perfectly for me, might be worth looking into.

  14. I have been wanting this so bad. It’s on my list to buy immediately but it’s so hard to get in the u.s.!

  15. You can order from Amazon JP. Its very easy and also shipping is very fast!

  16. Also mine! The wind has been brutal here and my skin remains baby soft after walking outside :)

  17. I was waiting for French body lotion to go on sale. Ended up scoring the :35: of 400ml body lotion from Bioderma with -20% on top from Easypara. which ended up being 8,5€ each and so I bought 5 sets. Stocked up for a while now. Those usually go for at least 15-20€ per bottle here.

  18. Is the Ihada emulsion still up on Amazon JP? I’ve been wanting to try it!

  19. It’s been out of stock for a while. I have repurchased a set from this

  20. Oh I would really appreciate that! I’m in the UK, would that work at all? I’m unsure if the Vaseline content would agree with my skin or not, but it sounds amazing otherwise so I’m keen to try it!

  21. Yeah it should be fine! If I send it in a lenses case within a letter envelope it’s affordable. :)

  22. Ah now you’ve got me eyeing this palette. That sparkly pink shade under the gold one looks marvelous

  23. The one I got was NSPREBLK and it wasn't valid... I ordered during singles day and one item was 7-14 days to be shipped but surprisingly it got shipped yesterday! Hoping it'll get here soon. I read that their shipping can get really delayed so maybe see how soon you need stuff!

  24. It was my first time ordering from stylevana, didn't realize there was a fr site haha. Good to know for my next order 😁

  25. Its the only version that lets me choose Luxembourg as an option for delivery, might be that!

  26. I also got issues from it, my skin couldn’t tolerate the triglycerides nor the squalane.

  27. Can you elaborate on these? I’m very intrigued by your product recommendations

  28. Ooo I’m also a neutral olive who owns enjoys the two makeup products you mentioned. Do you have any other ride or die makeup products? I’ve been looking for new blush and lip tint shades!

  29. I do actually! Since a lot of them are not AB, I can't talk about them here but if you're still interested, you can DM me.

  30. You pay customs if you order over 150€, I think they only cover extra VAT fees, not customs.

  31. Love to see this sunscreen getting the praise it deserves!!! My favorite. My only gripe is that I wish it came in a bigger tube cause I use it up so fast!

  32. Omg me too! I love it so much I hate running out 😭 How long do your bottles last you?

  33. Started using a spf without alcohol and fragrance and only new gen filters that is more hydrating and moist and my skin is ridiculously soft all day now, I can’t stop touching it. Also using a moisturiser with vaseline (Ihada Medicated Emulsion) just makes sure that all moisture sticks to my face, I guess.

  34. I use 03 and like it a lot, a lot more than 04! its a very nice reddish shade.

  35. Talk me into it: Ihada medicated emulsion. I can't decide whether I need it or not. I want to use it as my moisturizer. LPR lipikar seems a bit too much with my current routine. Edit: forgot to add)) I have combo skin prone to pore clogging and dehydration

  36. Ihada is my favorite moisturiser ever so I’m biased. Lipikar Balm clogged me horribly; Ihada is far much more cosmetically elegant and works better. No clogged pores, irritation, from it.

  37. 🍅 uriage thermal water, I love it, but there's some left in the bottle that of course I cannot take out anymore. After a lot of thinking, I don't think I will purchase this or any thermal water anymore, I don't see the purpose or need of a fancy water. I will probably just put some filtered water on a spray bottle and just use that.

  38. Eucerin Oil Control (EU version) is quite similar to the missha sun gel in my experience. I resold what I had left because I couldn't tolerate the fragrance anymore, but they're pretty similar.

  39. ohh yes I used that one in the past but now it became so expensive 😖 like for the price of 1 Eucerin I could get 2 Misshas, it's really easy to get one in my country but it never goes on sale. I might as well use that one again instead of wasting my money trying to find a replacement, thank you for the reminder about Eucerin 💓

  40. Oh, I assumed you were in Europe because of ur products. I see the Eucerin for ~10€ on sale at best on easypara tbh. I have since ordered the Scinic Sun Essence because I found it for 6,5€ a bottle and it doesn’t have fragrance, alcohol and only new gen filters but I read it’s not as matte or dry, which I’m fine with these days because the Eucerin can be irritating.

  41. Soooo pretty! I wonder how the quality is. I could see myself using many of these colors.

  42. Me too! Thats why im so curious about it, but seems like no one here has tried it yet. Might take the plunge anyway if there’s a good sale during BF

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