1. There are definitely lots of game modes. And they're all fine, except arms race which is just plain awful and for some reason keeps being added to my quick play suggestion. I'd rather reenact one man one jar than play that mode.

  2. and its a clunky mess..always feel like im getting stuck on something when im running around.

  3. Yeah crouching instead of sliding or getting "stuck" is a problem I have a lot and it's been mentioned online a lot. The lack of aim assist on xbox most of the time is a pain too.

  4. It's sbmm trying to put you with the 12 other people at your skill level. I notice so many similar names over and over again when playing

  5. I'm getting more and more lobbies like that too lately.

  6. Love the speed and movement when my slides aren't dead. Weapons are satisfying to shoot. Couple of maps I like a lot. But man the aim assist on xbox series x is fucking wack. And the menu freeze bug (again xbox only I think) when a headset is plugged into a controller make it hard to talk about the game positively.

  7. The reason they don't know how to aim is because they're either smoking big fat cigars or smoking weed now that Activi$ion is promoting both.

  8. Weed has been in cod for like a decade

  9. 2 fast 2 cod : stick drift

  10. Nice! Thanks for data. But leaving games is what causes spots to open up and the need to fill those slots. I'm curious, the first game I play is always in progress but the vast majority after that start from the beginning. No matter how long I play for. If I back out, then it's back to an in progress when I start playing again.

  11. I was getting Gondola and Casablanca constantly this evening to the point I just gave up. I think it might have something to do with them being 2 of the limited selection of maps available to people using the free trial.

  12. I’d say the population isn’t too bad, I don’t find myself running into the same players very often, quite rare in fact. As for stability, it’s really good, for me at least. Has only crashed maybe 2-3 times? Compared to Cold War, which was just… yeah.

  13. I run into the same players every night. Most level 300 and up. I'll bounce over to Cold War when I run into parties spawn trapping to get V2's on Dome etc... Then I'll even run into a couple of the players I see in Vanguard on CW. The movement in Vanguard is nice but there are numerous things getting abused that make it a frustrating game for me (unfortunately.) That said, I've had well over $60 worth of fun.

  14. I play dom tdm hp and patrol and all pacings do this you won’t have trouble finding a game my fav game mode in cod since cod4 is tdm but have learned to like dom and other obj modes because it makes finding games easier now with quickplay so try multiple modes you’ll be good everyday I see someone on the sub say this game is dead and that’s not true I find full lobbies fast with new players

  15. I do the same thing and get games right away on vanguard/cold war any time of day or night. That being said, I do see a handful of the same players in my lobbies. Even across both games believe it or not. I see this kid "It's Brandon" all the time on both games lol.

  16. Same. I watch videos of the mp40 barrel almost bending in rotational aim assist as the player gets a triple. The only time it feels like I'm getting anything is when I drag scope headshots.

  17. That would be cool but there would be billions of em lol.

  18. Same, I mean I stick to whatever the ranked play/league meta is and use that. So I’ll still use MP40 in this game but I don’t use attachments that increase damage or anything like that. I’ll also find a weird gun that’s super underpowered and fuck around with that, like in MW my go to was the Holger with 30 round mags, that thing was SO MUCH fun despite taking 5-6 bullets to kill lol

  19. Too funny... I've always played this way too. Not too many of us out there. Pick something that's fun to use or poses a challenge to master then move on to another weapon. That's why my Kd sucks on a lot of cod's. Sometimes when I get pissed I'll quick switch to a meta loadout though lol

  20. It's cardboard and plastic. Doesn't matter where you are, someone's moving it.

  21. Partly due to ttk... using non meta or non leveled weapons is punished. To maintain some sense of sanity I'll play half a match with a gun I'm leveling (only a couple left) or a gun that kills in 4/5/6 shots. Then swap to a meta class thats map appropriate.

  22. Series x. Aim assist is fucked. How the fuck can they let such a major issue slide?? I've had many instances where my cursor gets pushed around a player.... past the point of a player getting spawn protection. Makes me want to fucking destroy shit.

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