1. My husband could dance beautifully. I cannot. Our first dance was the only part of our wedding planning that he had a strong opinion on - he insisted on going to Arthur Murray and having a routine choreographed. It stressed me the hell out and in our wedding video you can hear me counting the 8 count out loud 😂 We have two daughters - one is a talented dancer with natural rhythm and grace, and the other moves like a clodhopper, just like her mama.

  2. I would love to see that video!

  3. I’m a married man but I don’t have a wife.

  4. isn’t this just good for the world as a whole? as a species we just can’t keep exponentially reproducing like a virus. this planet does not have infinite resources.

  5. Great for the planet, yes. But not for the economy as it exists right now.

  6. Perhaps the economy as it exists right now is the problem. Technically, our population limit as a species was exceeded a long time ago.

  7. This looks like my Irish Terrier.

  8. Although a part of me is sad its ending after 3 seasons, another part is happy that they are finishing their story and getting out before it starts to turn crappy.

  9. While I’m still looking forward to season 3, I thought season 2 as a whole was a bit fluffy and also just weird in spots.

  10. The guy in the back row, second one from left, looks like Dennis Quaid

  11. That cute couple is my grandparents! 💕 They seemed to have lived a very interesting life. Unfortunately they both passed when my dad was young so I never had the pleasure of meeting them.

  12. One thing I'll remember about this guy was that he was the sperm donor for Melissa Ethridge's 2 kids.

  13. And one of them killed himself.

  14. I’m jealous of people who don’t know anything about the game.

  15. I haven’t played a video game since the early 1990s and I was intrigued, then mesmerized, and now hooked. Pedro being in it had a lot to do with me wanting to watch. Bonus: the lead actress from Fringe is in it, and I loved that.

  16. She was 5 years old when the Titanic sank.

  17. Why don’t these sick fucks just “accidentally” run over their family members with their cars? Automobiles are extremely deadly and auto accidents happen all the time that it can be very plausible you didn’t mean to do it, especially if you call 911 right after. Yeah you might be charged with manslaughter, but the consequences would be way less severe.

  18. The Flight of the Phoenix. Both the original and the remake are great.

  19. That’s not actually through a window screen, that’s the texture of the photo. My parents have a photo album from the 70s with all the photos having that same thing.

  20. That’s what I always say about the little potted plants I get from the grocery store.

  21. I’ll excuse young people, but yes, Don’t Hit on People While They are Working. They are Not Flirting With You, They are Doing Their Job.

  22. Btw that guy has over a hundred thousand followers in Instagram.

  23. Every picture I see of her she looks sad. Maybe it’s the eye makeup. Or the pictures shown are ones where she isn’t smiling.

  24. To be fair, she and her son inherited Elvis’ resting bitch face. When they weren’t smiling, they just looked like that. Oh but when they smiled.

  25. I don’t know why, but I’m surprised he had kids. Never knew that. Wonder what became of them.

  26. Wow, who knew that the daughter of Fridley’s namesake was murdered in such a way, and so famously?

  27. I thought he was dead. Maybe it’s because so many cast members from Night Court are.

  28. They 100% could have included the chest shoulders and damn heads in that sculpture . Just the arms feels like a slap in the face

  29. Reminds me of the hand from the Addams Family.

  30. Edelweiss, my favorite flower.

  31. A black Shaggy is like having a white Fat Albert.

  32. I thought you were going to say like a skinny Fat Albert.

  33. I hate that the series sounds so terrible it makes me kinda want to check it out just to see it. Like a crash you can’t look away from.

  34. I was never planning to watch this, now I need to cringe watch at least an episode or two.

  35. But what about “the first robin of Spring” and all that?

  36. I feel really bad for the husband. His mom dies, his wife gets them kicked off the plane, and the passengers cheer as they leave. I hope he didn't miss the funeral. Really sad situation all around, all because his wife wouldn't shut the fuck up

  37. If you listen closely, they are actually leaving to go back home to Portland from the funeral. She made it sound as if they had a funeral to go to when it in actuality they were heading back from it.

  38. They say they're on the way to attend the funeral. How does something completely wrong get so many upvotes? A prime example of how misinformation is spread so easily and quickly but the correction to that misinformation never gets the attention it deserves.

  39. Listen again. The subtitles doesn’t always match what she is saying. She actually says “I’m going to Portland my hometown tonight after being at my mother-in-law’s funeral.” She lives in Portland but is making it sound as if she’s going back to her “hometown” but she’s going “home now”. Listen to the audio without watching the subtitles.

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