AITA for bringing my SIL’s wallet to the restaurant when she conveniently always forgets it?

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. htbj says:

    You're smoking shit weed wtf how can you not realise if the bitch isn't dumping kief it's not there you clown

  2. This comment is my favorite so far haha

  3. Good question, it usually just appears. I do grind upside-down and sideways a bit, plus I tap the grinder a lot too.

  4. I feel like i do this everytime. Maybe I need a clean grinder again

  5. There we go. Before you drive away, ask to see the wallet. “ are you sure you didn’t forget it? I’m pretty sure you forgot it. If you can’t show it to me right now, then go back in the house and get it. I’m pretty sure you forgot it. Again.”

  6. Oiga 846 3441 3047 83 y 9948784-2739 el 4oz

  7. If you put water in a baby all the salt will come out of the baby into the water. This is between a little bad and very bad depending out how much it happens, Formula is as salty as a baby is so the salt stays put and stays in the baby.

  8. I learned sex through porn. I thought you basically do the formula - go down on a guy, if he likes it, he goes down on you, you fuck in various positions, and you get cum everywhere. The messier, the better.

  9. Asian women sounding like they're being assaulted and people getting off on that

  10. 87788 56PAf8Tri3-HUahttps://open.spotify.co

  11. I guess, with psvr and oculus quest there are limited tracks due to no custom songs.I wish there were though

  12. You can definitely have custom songs on quest, just did it with mine last week.

  13. My biggest issue with FF IX it's picking an object and get the just the name and don't know if it's an equipment, an item or a key item. Or buying a weapon or armor without knowing its properties or associated skills.

  14. Is this just how the game is or a bug of some sort?

  15. Justice is just the State carrying out the revenge of the people.

  16. Yes it is, stands for touch of death

  17. 20 waves of balverines? That's way too many "Your health is low"s!

  18. Do you have any potions, or food?

  19. Did you literally flag your own thread as a repost in the title?

  20. Hey, I had the same problem. I think it might be an issue relating to walking through Pascal's village as 9S before getting to that tower; my last save point was at the reactivated save at the village, and approaching from the entrance to the forest castle seemed to break it. Unfortunately, the only way I found to fix it (and I tried multiple things) was to restore an older save from online backup. I went through the normal forest pathway to the box after, and it was fine, but yeah, the only thing I can recommend is restoring an older save, if you have one.

  21. I'm having the same issue, except i had saved at the the Forest center, didnt touch pascals. I dont have another save to go to though, still haven't been able to get through it without it bugging out

  22. Same bug here. Tried it over about 6 times now, no change.

  23. Oh, interesting. So if you start and finish a sentence with DURR it becomes condescending?

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