For all those LGBTQ+ that are worried right now about the Right Wing anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, you have tons of support and allies...

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  1. I'm rapidly losing sympathy for Americans.

  2. CNN commentator even said the quiet part out loud... "The Republicans really don't care what Biden promises because they will block everything he says he'll do."

  3. In his first year as president, Biden and his administration were begging companies to get more permits for natural gas drilling to increase production. According to the Bureau of Land Management, Biden approved more oil and gas drilling permits in his first two years than Trump. That "historic" climate bill mostly amounts to consumer rebates at a time when most people can't afford to buy new cars or appliances, and, tax credits to corporations.

  4. F Trump. That's also why Sunrise Movement protested Biden being president.

  5. Honestly, that's probably the closest one to Naples.

  6. 35 and surviving paycheck to paycheck. Even after having to move back into my parents, because bills are all going up, too. I don't know how the actual fuck I am supposed to live after retiring. Or hell, after my parents pass away, ai can't afford what all the bills add up to. I'm actually losing sleep over it more and more because I am so stressed despite that being 32 years away.

  7. It's definitely mentally draining. Just try to take it one day at a time.

  8. I'm mid 40 and barely have it together; I have minimal savings, no house(sold it to hopefully do better) and a family of 4. My frustration is that we called this about 20 years ago. When we were gunning for these high level C positions and the boomers were still working them we got the picture pretty quickly/clearly that it was going to suck.

  9. I used to live in that very building in the photo. It's in University Heights.

  10. You know fox is a free channel right

  11. Yeah, thats how the world works. Unfair? So what you wanna do? Or what CAN you do about it? Wake up bro. Either you become one of them or you keep working your asses off. Welcome to adulthood and reality btw

  12. Why should they??? What you have done to deserve any of that?

  13. If it matters to anyone, Steven from Beachwood is playing drums for Voodoo now.

  14. Oh looker009, with the anti-mask in every thread.

  15. It's pretty eye opening. Imagine having only $150k to live off of for 15-25 years after retirement.

  16. Unfortunately, that didn't work for me. But this archived snapshot may work instead:

  17. Needed to see this, I’ve been feeling hopeless. This is so powerful. The youngest generations are gonna be the fucking saviours of human rights & equality, leading the way with compassion & flare

  18. Here's something else for you. It's older but look how far we've come.

  19. Just a reminder. These are the days the Bible warned you about.

  20. Just a reminder, God made the gays and he loves us!

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