1. Were they the same DDR type?

  2. Looks to me the grips are a giveaway. I'm sure OEM sticks have a logo.

  3. I have to ask: what are the little "stars" on the top of the signal for?

  4. There called “starter signals”. You can have a clear there but if you don’t have the stars lit up. Your fired. Also they have the stars on the back of the signals too. So sometimes on the shorter tracks at the depo, the engine is out past the first signal. Once lake street tells you signal indication. You can look in the mirror to see if you have the stars lit up and your good to go

  5. Still hasn't moved, almost an hour later. And no moves on the other track.

  6. I would love to hear what reasoning and justification management uses for the policies unions hate so much.

  7. Have to wonder if the bottom two tracks have clearance for double-stacks???

  8. You can’t. These are Amazons “cheap” option cameras and they are only accessible via the phone or tablet app, or on an Alexa display device.

  9. Any suggestions for a cheap camera that I CAN monitor from a pc?

  10. So, as a golfer, you moved to this house without any suspicion it was a target for wayward shots????

  11. The previous owner was found deceased outside due to unknown causes so they didn't tell us anything and the hole doglegs the opposite direction from our house so we didn't expect this would be an issue.

  12. Are you sure the "unknown causes" wasn't from being hit by a errant shot? I would seriously wonder.

  13. Who is Larry (the guy in the last unit)? Isn't the rear power remote-controlled?

  14. No, it keeps them from having to turn units around when switching the grain elevators

  15. A fixed distant signal, warning to be prepared to stop at the next signal, probably at an at-grade crossing.

  16. Why was there a "caboose" (brake van, whatever) with each remote engine?

  17. Why not put a retractable screen on the outside?

  18. Thanks, that's good to know. I'm torn between the two.

  19. Not only that, I'm sure Op Management means dealing with disgruntled train service people.

  20. Could have been Western Pacific and/or Denver & Rio Grande Western (both have been absorbed by Union Pacific)

  21. Appears to be a PRIVATE crossing. If that's the case, maybe you should not use it, especially with hulking farm implements.

  22. The PC has HDMI and Display Ports but I have adapters for VGA and DVI

  23. TV needs INPUT jacks - from your description, I doubt you will find a workable solution (without spending alot of money on adapters, etc.) and the result won't look good.

  24. What inputs does the TV have? What outputs does the PC have?

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