1. This cake has been going for awhile. I've dunked it three times in the last few flushes but I got some trich and these mushrooms bend their caps right into the spores. I rubbed off the caps and threw them in the dehydrator

  2. Using a clear cup as others mentioned isn't as good for the roots but I don't think it should kill the seedlings before they even start growing

  3. It looks ok, new growth often starts out a lighter shade and darkens. If you are really worried though I would invest in a par meter, photobio has a cheap one. At that age 200um should be enough. Check out a dli chart and calculator if you do get a meter

  4. Never owned a snake before, only lizards. His name is Azazel.

  5. Yeah, I'm a month into a mainline from seed and only have four branches so far

  6. Is your light strong enough and pH balanced? I know that’s what stunted my first grow

  7. Yep, I've been following a dli chart keeping my par matched with that. Right now I'm doing about 410um at the canopy. I always correct pH as well. Maybe this is normal for a mainline grow

  8. Have you seen the back stock deals on the exotics website? That blueberry muffin is a favorite

  9. Photontek is doing a deal on their 300w for about the same price. What's the true wattage on that light?

  10. Goodness this needs to be a popular reference photo for foxtailing, I've never seen it so extreme

  11. Are the co2 bags powered by mycelium? I don't test my levels but I always keep at least one monotub going in the grow room

  12. 200w doesn't sound crazy for good coverage just use a meter so you don't burn anything

  13. Looking good I would put a couple tomato stakes, wind can be a bitch

  14. Fimming and topping are both equally good methods depending on what you want. Fimming should have less of an impact but a healthy plant will just keep going either way

  15. How do you figure it would be less impactful. Its the same mothod. You just pinch off the tip. Its not going to take any more or less time to heal.

  16. Fimming doesn't require removing as much plant material but if the plant is healthy it doesn't make a difference if you top or fim depending on the shape youre going for

  17. If you put some bv packs in there ur good, it will level out. Next time dry in an environment closer to 55% give or take 5%.

  18. I wasn't able to tell sex for a month this grow, yours isn't showing anything yet, it could show up anytime now on a new node

  19. Some landrace strains can take 18+ weeks so this isn't too bad

  20. They will won't grow optimally with those lights but if it's just to keep it from flipping and they are getting sunlight it will do the trick

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