1. I’d bet she’s still drinking. That’s why she talks about not drinking so much.

  2. That nurse probably skipped down the hallway after hearing that

  3. You need to leave and your husband needs his ass beat.

  4. Getting told not to come in on a busy Saturday shift? Uhhhhh… no bueno, girlfriend. The boss already knows she’ll more of a hindrance than anything. And she MAY do homework?! UGH.

  5. Lets hope she never discovers or goes anywhere near a LUSH shop……

  6. She’d just burst into flames like a vampire in sunlight.

  7. What a self important ding-a-ling. Accommodations only have to extend to what is reasonable. I’m pretty sure asking everyone to wear no fragrance on the off chance they might run into her is a tad overboard. Seriously?

  8. Came here to say Cokoh! Specifically Sticky Buns and Girl Crush slap. The popcorns are a actually decent size buds, unlike the crumbs you get from some others. Harvest was having 30% off Cokoh every Sunday and I was picking up halfs for $65.

  9. Like the doc will use her name and the other doctors will feel shame 😆

  10. Hypnotizing Fire by The Harmonist if you want to spend a lot. By The Fireplace is a good dupe.

  11. Some people really dig the drama. Girls and guys alike. That would’ve been a hellish experience I think lol dodged a bullet.

  12. I wish my period was a spiritual experience like this chick’s seem to be 🙃

  13. I’ve read some articles that claim it can be caused by Epstein-Barr. FWIW. It’s probably horse shit.

  14. The LYME is currently flaring in her body, she must have forgotten last week.

  15. Most serial killers have weird "fans" and there are people who devote their whole lives to obsessing over various murderers. So they could very well be obsessed with Dahmer, Evan Peters, or both really.

  16. Chris Watts murdered his wife and kids and has fangirls who write to him in prison. People are fucked up.

  17. That's great news for you. When you move out and file for child support, the court will not have to consider OTHER child support he's paying since he is not paying any. Girl, you already have mental health needs and a baby that take priority here. Don't chain yourself to his sinking ship. Can you move back in with your folks for awhile, file for divorce and child support, get on SNAP and some other benefits, and look into job training or community college? You can make a great life for your son and yourself if you aren't wasting every waking moment on this man and his other children.

  18. I agree. Move out and get what’s yours. Tell the man child to take care of his own kids. 🖕🏻

  19. She’s still cooking up the lie. Probably went for fake SoB or fainting/dehydration, but is thinking of a real showstopper that she can milk. She’s not shy, she regularly talks about her BMs, so she might suddenly talk about mental health and how it’s terrifying/traumatising/stigmatised.

  20. She’s trying to build suspense. Except no one cares.

  21. She just posted about being in remission so it’s time to come out!!

  22. Good to know. I’ll stay away from them for now!

  23. I saw a commercial for a new medication the other day that advertise specifically to people who feel like they have health issues that cause them not to lose weight. I know it’s a problem for some but it can’t be widespread enough to need a specific medication for it. I feel like all it does is take away people’s personal responsibility for their own health.

  24. Yeah I almost always buy shake for my daily since it’s cheaper and more efficient for me. Try it! I think the solid is good quality, unlike the Rivera Creek shake/trim

  25. And men wonder why we’re uneasy around male strangers. It’s scary how fast some men will devolve into rape and pillage mentality a la Woodstock ‘99.

  26. It makes me sad to them and the bettas in the little cups at stores. 😢

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