1. That's what I mean, yes. When the question comes up it's usually regarding "do I see blah blah blah" and not do I hear taste or smell it.

  2. I don't know if being blind affects your sense of general direction RAW. Sounds like a headache when you already have to deal with the extra combat rules. I would just let people move where they want and if there's anything tricky about it they'd get disadvantage for being blinded.

  3. This is a great clarification for simplifying what I'm no doubt overcomplicating.

  4. I honestly just suggest up get her a sitter on those few nights and tell her to go have fun. Why not happy wife happy life

  5. Why hasn't anyone thought of this? They make all the extra money, why not have a sitter in for her I feel like the cost of this would be peanuts compared to what it's costing their relationship now.

  6. This is such a shame. The idea of stealing an heirloom is totally fine but the execution was so flat. I think one of the best skills a DM can develop is the ability to change things up on the fly.

  7. I feel like a really excellent short term solution to this is to work from home. If the job can be done remotely, then do so. At least the option to. Not only that, I imagine not having as many office spaces would also help with the carbon footprint.

  8. Think of it like this. They have so much power and influence, why would they care? Do you go outside and interfere with ants? Maybe if they get into your shit you will wipe them out or remove them, right? Otherwise, we don't concern ourselves with them.

  9. That's another good angle. Their power is directly related to the number of worshippers they have. Intervening would cause them to cut off their own source.

  10. The Mortal Planes are a demilitarized zone.the gods and Princes of the abbys agreed that, in Order to prevent total destruction of all live, it would be best not to fight here. Open intervention would cause a war between them nobody wants.

  11. Seconded this. Demons or Devils wouldn't want total destruction otherwise they couldn't win the good people's souls. Complete destruction would be an insufferable loss. The angels would want to preserve life and therefore not hold a battle on a ground that they would decimate with their unbridled wrath.

  12. Yeah, if I were to allow something like this, the character would first have to have the target grappled, at minimum, possibly restrained. Then it would require a separate check to attempt to choke the creature, which I would limit to affecting "a creature of the same size or smaller", and would probably have it be a contested check that the player has to maintain.

  13. Not to mention, my player will know that if I allow this choking out method to happen then there is nothing stopping my hordes and hordes of monsters doing it too.

  14. ITF traditional style does. Though, grappling isn't incorporated as much. The black belt self defence is full of this stuff especially at higher levels.

  15. We usually don’t allow family and friends to belt tests, because small kids tend to stop listening when they see their parents around, especially of they’re nervous.

  16. I know it sucks having this happen to you, but someone who treats you like that isn't worth it no matter how attracted you are to her. I have bad feels that you should probably let this one go.

  17. I don’t know man, i have been single all my life and I genuinely like her a lot. It’s really hard for me to move on from this

  18. We all feel that way about the first one. All of us. Then you meet the next one. And at some point you will realize there are many many that you genuinely like a lot. You're 18. You're barely even started. You can meet hundreds of people in a year. The statistics are in your favor. It's a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the better chance you have at meeting someone who doesn't flip her lid when you're feeling uncomfortable.

  19. As a WT guy I have no idea what light contact even "means".

  20. This will vary greatly depending on the organization. The school I was involved with had very detailed information about this. It should differ between color belts and black belts.

  21. TL;DR - Your gut instinct calls are spot on. Player is being whiny.

  22. R042 says:

    My feeling is 13 levels in and 5 story arcs deep is not the best time to try and request playstyle changes.

  23. This one here is the way. Find a fast track to your bbeg and start over with a session one laying out the ground rules. Learn from your mistakes.

  24. In my story the corpse of his most hated rival who he barely destroyed in battle years ago. The rival who he destroyed was incarnated into another body and walking around as someone else. Has no clue her old body is used as a phylactery.

  25. Who makes this model? It's a gorgeous frost giant. It looks like a challenging paint, nice work!

  26. Honestly you probably just haven't met the right person yet. It takes time. Especially with online dating. The main thing is you're getting dates. That's the hardest part. Just keep at it, keep doing the things you love to do and focus on being happy on your own. That energy of "I'm living my life you're welcome to join me" is what women are looking for. I read a few posts about women not liking softer men and it's absolute garbage. Be you, unapologeticly, and you will find someone who will like you for who you are, wether you're a softer dude, or hyper masculine, the important thing is to be confident in whoever that is.

  27. I raise my tea cup for the fourth time this week. He sits there, leather suit, black mask, impossibly sharp blade resting on my dining room table. Once you get the necessaries out of the way, they're really quite civil.

  28. Chill out and hang with the vendor by the campfire and hope nothing kills us. Elden ring.

  29. Wow that's insane. Our school charged $150 for the testing but it didn't go to the school at all. All the money went to applying at the ITF world organization for a certificate/put on their registry. We got a pretty cool certificate in the mail signed by the 9th Dan grandmaster.

  30. Yeah this is a totally legit way to DM just make sure to take notes, even record yourself if it's too tough to write notes and DM at the same time. Then, connect the dots later!

  31. Every guy is built differently and likes different things. Universally, enthusiasm.

  32. Dude, worry about it less and live your life. Get into your hobbies. Work out if you like to exercise. Find things you wanted to do, and enjoyment in being yourself. Go out with your friends. Try new things. Meet people through trying new things. If you can handle online dating, go on dates casually. At sole point, while you're busily minding your own business, you'll bump into someone casually minding theirs, and it'll happen.

  33. I think a deck of many things could be super interesting to kick off a campaign.

  34. Lots of good advice I'd also throw in - give them less encounters per long rest. Make it more about exploration with fewer damaging traps and more role play (if they're into it) and make it about two to three more involved, drawn out battles if you're going to throw in a fight. This will make heavier use of their short and long rests while encouraging a fight that feels dangerous. It's easier knowing you can throw everything at them when the next rest is right around the corner.

  35. Eh, I think this is just as much a problem with the players, if not moreso than with the DM.

  36. I've been trying to find a way to say this, and this is it. If the players are impossible to prompt into getting to do things, I'm not sure they really want to play, whether they know the game or not. At a certain point, I'd stop running games for those players.

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