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  1. Honestly, it leaking and there being crowd hype around it is probably the only way the green light would ever get lit for him to work on it again at this point.

  2. Isn’t that essentially what happened with Deadpool? Something leaked and it got green lit because of the massive (positive) pressure from fans.

  3. Sick!! I was in the same boat. Wasn’t able to snag one at the show, but I bought one when they sold the leftovers on their site. I picked out one that was a misprint with Minneapolis on it instead of St Paul. That that was kind of cool.

  4. They look so good!! Would’ve loved to snag these.

  5. NGL where is that one at in Campaign?

  6. The locker for this one is in a little nook just north west of FOB Delta.

  7. Glad that works! I spend a good 20 mins trying to find the font or a high resolution image of just the text but I couldn’t find anything. That’s when I used layer the blending modes. At least we have a way to use the text!

  8. so just because the first one had to do with jon, they all have to do with jon? sermon is probably laughing so hard watching y’all do this lol he has all of you in his pocket

  9. The first one was about packing up at GSP. One of them has been about this sub. They’re very clearly in reference to Jon, though it’s just Sermon having fun watching everyone here implode over ever minor change as they get closer to actually announcing something.

  10. I'm wondering if this is Christina Ricci's character that we know nothing about yet.

  11. It's Moss. There's a shot of her doing the wall run and you can see her face.

  12. Yes!! After my first listen I though it might have been a sample from that. Very similar!

  13. I ask myself if they either added clothes in this one or CGI’d nudity in the leaked version.

  14. I think the album will be titled Project Dreamland since it seems to be continuing/tying into the Poet Anderson stuff, and through the videos and media there will be different characters called Lifeforms. The main logo with the girl in the circle seems to be a lifeform named Vivian.

  15. Dreamland is an army base in nevada, not poet anderson stuff

  16. Yeah, another nickname for Area 51. In the Euphoria video the badge she grabs from the guy is an Area 51 badge for

  17. I thought it was pretty obvious that guy was saying Tom might be done but the other two are the ones that “hand it in” and that hasn’t quite happened yet. Tom jokingly doubled down saying it’s in stores now.

  18. That figure image on the website is titled AVA-Lifeforms-VIVIAN.png

  19. I went on a deep dive trying to figure it out and the best I can give you is it’s probably late 2007 or early 2008. That was their stage set up then, and it looks like Tom started wearing that outfit a lot for Warped in 2008. Their stage set up looks different for warped so I think it was before that, but the video is from an outside venue so it must’ve been a festival or something either at the tail of the tour before, or in between tours.

  20. I did not know this. Love it when corporations make addendums to the meaning of words to fulfill their own ends

  21. TikTok started as a music app and the feature was literally for doing duets with other users.

  22. Goodreads says this edition was published by Signet in 2002

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