1. There was an earth day challenge that went disastrously wrong

  2. Do we have to do the Special research by Dec. 1 to get Mewtwo?

  3. I got shadow latios yesterday cuz i didnt know about the pokemon rotating, will shadow mewtwo still be here in december? Sorry if this sounds dumb im new lol

  4. Yes there will be a quest for you to complete that will allow you to get a new super rocket radar once you finish it in the specified time period.

  5. The World Cup should have been taken away years ago once the corruption was revealed. FIFA is very quickly heading down the path of the Olympics.

  6. Horrifying doesn’t begin to capture what could happen in Iran. The world needs to be prepared to act swiftly.

  7. “Accidental” deaths must be in the top 5 causes of deaths in Russia by now…

  8. You realize that creator of this graphic used to create for LegendsLima and no longer does. Hence why Legends doesn’t have graphics right now. This is the same content creator. But keep failing. Pivot and fail.

  9. That's what I'd say too if I completely ripped off someone's art style.

  10. Maybe look up the social media on the poster before showing your ignorance for all to see

  11. It’s even worse when you waste a tonne of resources to realise it’s a crap mon that had no business kicking out in the first place.

  12. Never thought xurkitree can be a legit option

  13. It has the potential, with a better move set, to be the best electric type in the game.

  14. My honest question is, what is the difference between this new Israeli government, and the Italian or Swedish new governments? I will be interesting to see how the media portrays them since I actually believe this new Israeli government is more radically right-wing than Italy's (not sure about Sweden).

  15. Israeli policy didn't change much during Netanyahu's absense and it won't change much now that he's back.

  16. Have you read the views of the leader and party that he has formed an alliance with? If they do what he wants it is a much more radical take and a move towards a weaker democracy and potential wide spread conflict in the region.

  17. Not sure that is a correct take. Media around the world have retorted I. The fascist beliefs of the Italian coalition government.

  18. They missed a "win a gym battle" quest. I have it, and I'm excited to see what pokemon it gives me.

  19. Is “Win a raid” the same as “Win a gym battle”? Cuz I have the latter and was hoping it wasn’t darumaka.

  20. Gym battle is for the special research on right now (or ended depending where you are)

  21. Fear of Revolution must be terrifying Russian leadership. Now on to plan Q…or is it Z now?

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