1. Deep in the thread regarding the nuances of age difference vs penalisation and you use such bland predictable language suggesting full outrage

  2. Someone expressed concern about the possibility of a 17 year old having sex with (raping realistically) a 13 year old. The response to that was meh, let kids fuck each other. There is no additional nuance that will exonerate that response. It's not outrage nor predictable when the person endorsing child rape is getting more support than the person criticising the legality of that.

  3. Do not mess around putting a Guarantor clause within the AST itself, if you do you would have to make them party to the tenancy itself and define them within the AST, which makes things complicated...

  4. Brilliant advice. I feel like I need an NRLA membership and a few weeks to digest.

  5. You can add a guarantor to the contract directly, so a custom clause shouldn't be necessary. The guarantor then needs to sign the contract along with all the tenants.

  6. Ah - it seems i forgot to accept the proposed guarantor alongside the tenants

  7. Does the guarantor own their own home? Do a Land Registry check on the guarantors home address for £3 to make sure they own their own house. This is the best security you can have for a guarantor, as they may show they have no regular income being retired (happens a lot), but in the worse case scenario you can put a charge against their home to recover any debt.

  8. I would sooner have a T with a guarantor than one without willing to pay 12 months rent upfront.

  9. Spain: looks at results; looks over border scornfully

  10. To answer my own question, I have found this guide useful here -

  11. The Dutch have a reputation for directness that can come across as rude/blunt whereas the Brits tend to be a bit more indirect. I'm sure it'll feel like madness but you'll get used to it.

  12. Do you have Google location services turned on within Google maps?

  13. Exactly its a pointless service right now. I guess the only reliable Uber today is the freaking boat to cross the Thames.

  14. Not reliable. Mohammed cancelled mine and went to Wapping

  15. I've only been learning since September, but one thing I've done and I'm glad is find some Dutch shows (from Netherlands and dubbed) to watch from day one. I like cartoons, so I started with stuff like The Ghost and Molly McGee, but now I'm watching Toon.

  16. What is “The Ghost”? Do you use YouTube for these shows?

  17. In this case I'm thinking water boarding

  18. Wide acceptance of cashless payments. I hate going to Germany because there I never know if I will be able to pay with a card or do I need to search for an ATM. It's better after the pandemic, but still.

  19. China is cashless right through to the backwater farmers. It’s known as “late mover advantage” in that they have no legacy financial systems to transition from

  20. Brits biertje - zo’n dood geslagen ding zonder kraag

  21. This “foamless” beer is just one variant of countless others that are outside the limits of Dutch brewing.

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