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  1. Ronaldo said nothing wrong. He has exposed the club for what they truly are unfortunately. I stand with him over Erik ten Hag.

  2. Scott has legit been pivotal in our last 4 games Williams is miles in front

  3. So many downvotes lol this just further proves that our fans do not want United to succeed.

  4. You’re fighting a lost cause with this gullible fanbase when they’re happy to still fund the glazers by buying merch and match tickets. Season tickets are all sold out for this season. I gave up long time ago in all honesty.

  5. It’s true that a lot of people especially young men look up to him and I don’t blame them. The western world has become too liberal and as result, these young men have had enough of being patronized and being told how to act by influential people in society such as teachers, politicians, woke social media influencers etc. For example, being masculine is wrongly viewed as toxic in this day and age. Andrew Tate has woken up a lost generation of men that have been ridiculed and neglected for far too long. People who hate Andrew Tate (usually liberal SJWs) don’t hate him, they just hate the fact that they can no longer control the minds of these young men. This is just my observation.

  6. Sounds like a coping mechanism to run away from your responsibilities. Welcome to the real world kid.

  7. Ten Hag needs to publicly demand for more signings otherwise he’s just another Glazer puppet.

  8. I don't see Ethan ever lining his wife up to be verbally abused by misogynistic jerks.

  9. Ethan has being talking a lot about Tate recently on his podcast and the Tate brothers have also made remarks about Ethan & Hila on theirs. Would be nice to see both parties settle the score so we can all move on.

  10. Anyone going against a club legend like CR7 don’t deserve to see the club successful. You lot only deserve this mess.

  11. I’m Manchester born and raised but have no interest in funding the Glazers after they’ve spent the past 15 plus years destroying my local football club. Wish our international fans knew how much this means.

  12. “I have no interest in funding the Glazers”

  13. Sports - kids got no business spending so much time and effort on something meaningless when they should be learning about basic money & life skills that they will use for a lifetime.

  14. Down voted and hard disagree. Playing sports can teach kids about basic life skills that will help them immensely when they eventually leave school. For example, working as a team, leadership, communication skills, decision making etc. Being physically active and playing sports should be encouraged or they’ll end being a lazy obese mess later on in life.

  15. If I had to pick then Memphis. But neither preferably

  16. The failed ex player over the club legend?? *facepalm

  17. Yes when club legends make the team worse they gotta go

  18. How did our top scorer last season make the team worse? you are incredibly clueless

  19. Poor people when you go on holiday abroad. Most of them just want to take advantage of your kindness so they can scam you out of your money.

  20. Kid threw a chair at the teacher in Religious Education. Teacher shat his pants and tried to hide behind another kid to duck the incoming chair.

  21. A list of 10+ requirements for a partner while they themselves don't even have their shit together

  22. Not really, Rooney can do whatever he wants

  23. All of a sudden the MLS is no longer considered a farmers league or a retirement home by our fans now that a club legend manages over there. Zero consistency to your argument. Would you take Jesse Marsch at United over Rooney as he has more experience than Rooney in the MLS and Europe?

  24. To me MLS is weaker than most of Europe but if Rooney can take DC currently bottom of the MLS table to win the MLS title; that is an impressive achievement regardless of league.

  25. Guess what mate, Rooney could also finish near the bottom of the league in the MLS like he did with Derby in the Championship. I wouldn’t even be surprised if that happened. Rooney could’ve stayed in England or went abroad to Spain, Italy, France, Holland or Portugal where the leagues are much stronger and better than the MLS. I agree that Marsch had a poor stint at Leipzig but then again so did Rooney at Derby. Difference is that Rooney ran away to the MLS whereas Marsch upgraded to the Premier League. Rooney ran away from the challenge and grind like a coward.

  26. She’s using you like you’re the social welfare system bro. Get rid.

  27. That time when my local KFC ran out of chicken. Nearly broke down in tears at the drive thru.

  28. In a job interview getting asked this question

  29. Uber if you live in a city and have a lot of money

  30. “I’m currently planning to fund the Glazers”

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