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  1. On the whole this is a great analysis, but I think there is one glaring weakness. I will never understand how anyone can analyze any potential investment without considering liabilities on their balance sheet. Your examples of other value companies are nearly all companies I would avoid like the plague given their balance sheet. I know not everyone feels the same way I do about debt and long term liabilities in general. I know you can still value invest without my extreme avoidance of debt. Certainly you still have to at least consider liabilities though?

  2. It's a good point and definitely can be the mark of a company that is overly-reliant on debt. However saying this, I would point out the EBIT/Interest expense ratio of 14.93x and the net debt/EBITDA ratio of 0.90x. These values definitely make me more comfortable with the debt burden they carry vs a company like Kroger who need to reduce the % they pay on borrowings.

  3. what's with the very similar DD posts on LMT across different subreddits in the past week or so? similar DD posted at:

  4. Interesting point, I reckon the DD amount is due to a mix of : a new administration + expected value from the company + fervour about Space innovation. Lots of retail investors want to speculate the ARKX ETF holdings and the addition of cabinet members Lloyd Austin (Raytheon) and Avril Haines (PLTR) could be a signal to more defence contractor contracts in my opinion. Therefore out of the group to choose from, $LMT is probably the better pick in value terms.

  5. Speaking in my experience, grocery stores are actually a really good hedge in a bear market. Kroger is the largest pureplay grocer in the United States and a reliable dividend payer. I keep it in my portfolio for that reason. They have a great product that is very popular in my area.

  6. Yes, agree on Kroger - paying off their older high interest debt with new notes has put them firmly in my portfolio. Decently priced, with a little bit of undervalue from their stake in Ocado & automation. Dividend growth has been very nice, expecting it to continue in future as well.

  7. I think you are the first person I've ever seen with Kroger as their largest holding. It's a well run company, but just never seen anyone like it so much.

  8. Haha I just love KR, they have been steadily increasing the dividend and I believe they will keep this going. The CEO is a Kroger insider from the ground up which I appreciate in terms of stability.

  9. I interpret your plan this way: choosing blue chip companies that you are very familiar with, some of which may be relatively cheap today. Familiarity should make it easier for you to monitor your selections. The plan looks good in theory.

  10. Cheers, yeah I wanted to make sure I was choosing familiarity in case of large drops e.g. March so I would be holding companies I'd be happy with. True, there's definitely a bit of sector bunching here.

  11. Amazing stats, but the personality could be a little better.

  12. 19.5k p/w + a bunch of high league winning bonuses. Will update on next youth candidates and whether Sergio will have a job.

  13. How do you have under 18 league? My game only has under 18 cup and tats it

  14. Which league/team are you managing? The u18 and u23 leagues can be invitation only e.g. I think only league 1+ English teams can enter squads

  15. Cheers from Moscow :) But Iโ€™m more of a CSKA supporter

  16. Privet! I passed over cska as I wanted to have Komlichenko and Skopintsev. Couldn't bring myself to manage Zenit or Spartak.

  17. Lol, how does it feel playing in RPL? Because I started for Ufa there and it was completely dreadful

  18. It's a bit of a struggle as you can only have 8 foreign talents in your squad. Russian players are ok quality wise, but premier quality players that don't demand high wages are scarce.

  19. Exactly, as you feel the stretch in your hamstrings from the lean that's the key to start bringing your knees up.

  20. I am so desperate for a board takeover in my Blackpool save. They refuse to upgrade facilities or youth level even when we have almost 3 million in the bank. Super anoying. Dont even need a tycoon or anything like that, just someone that will let me upgrade my 1 star facilities

  21. The truth, honestly the worst part is the board telling me to use the youth system and then refusing to upgrade it. Fortunately I've been lucky to get a bunch of mid-rated prospects and grown them through to the senior squad (LLM).

  22. 1st leg, won the 2nd leg 1-0 and went through on away goals rule thankfully!

  23. Gonna start commenting on this subreddit, please donโ€™t ban me

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