1. Lol my 24in 6.5 PRC with a VG6 muzzle brake gets comments every time I shoot it at my local indoor range lol. 59gr of H1000 and 58.5gr of Retumbo will do wonders on your ears in an enclosed area lol.

  2. Funny thing about 6.5 PRC is that 6.5-06 with modern bullets and modern powders will match the same performance with less powder. Im running 51.0 grains of IMR 4831 with 145 grain bullets and getting around 3200fps from my 31" barrel. I would likely get around 2900-2950 from a 24-26" barrel, which is very similar to 6.5 PRC

  3. Nice! I got a Mossberg Patriot Predator in 6.5 PRC for a decent price and it's pretty darn accurate for costing 438 bucks! I load 150gr Sierra MatchKing bullets with Retumbo and they are very nice. I also have some 140gr Nosler Partitions and MatchKings that I load over H1000. I know people like to shit on Mossberg rifles but my 6.5 PRC and 270 Winchester Patriots have been excellent.

  4. My 6.5-06 is a savage 110 long action with an X Caliber prefit barrel. I built it to go to 1 mile and occasionally 2k yards. I have to neck down 3006 cases to 6.5, since no one has commercially made 6.5-06 cases in years.

  5. I'm just curious why being libertarian has become synonymous with being an ACABer. Judging an entire profession broadly is not the act of a sane, rational, intellectual individual. While yes, they would be the ones to be called upon to disarm the people, that in no way means they all will actually answer the call. It's intellectually dishonest, and disingenuous to condemn an entire profession based upon the perceived idea that all of them fit into a mold created predominantly by a biased media, an agenda driven political party, and a hypocritical populace who can barely be expected to think for themselves (the types that say "guns should only be in the hands of police"/"all cops are racist murderers"). If one truly does hate the police, and what they stand for, then I better not hear you celebrating or applauding any sheriff who stands against anti-2A tyranny, lest I call you out for being a hypocrite. I, for one, reserve my criticism for the individual, not the entirety.

  6. The cops that claim they won't follow orders to confiscate guns are the same ones that will arrest people for having unregistered SBRs and machine guns. They are also the same people that will arrest people for the victimless crime of having a plant in their pocket. I dont applaud the sheriff's going against the ATF since they won't actually arrest ATF agents found in their district. Those sheriff's are just doing political grandstanding to appeal to their conservative voters so they can get re-elected. They won't do anything besides make noise.

  7. Colorado legalized weed, so state or county level cops can't arrest people for it. People are still being arrested for weed in plenty of other states. As far as your first "debunk", go ask whichever cops you think are "better" and ask them if they would arrest someone for having a machine gun and no paperwork. Ask them if they would arrest someone for having a gun while being a felon. I bet they say yes. As long as the majority of cops do things like this, im not trusting them or applauding them.

  8. Do the people running the range not understand that any non FMJ/monolithic bullet will work as frangible against steel?

  9. Not an argument I’m going to win. I figured I may as well load my own instead of paying the premium price to buy them at the range.

  10. How will they know if your ammo has frangible bullets or not? Do they require ammo inspection?

  11. In the product quality area, progressive presses have yet to achieve the same grade of precision that can be achieved as a matter of routine with single stage loading setups. Most of that is down to the powder charge. Progressive presses tend to use volumetric powder throwers. These throwers aren't consistent with stick powder due to the kernel shape of the powder. Most folks run ball powder with these throwers, though they still aren't as consistent as tricklers for charge weight.

  12. Dillon Blue Press, July 2020, page 59. Eye opening results.

  13. Not really eye opening. Just shows what I'm talking about. Electronic dispensers used with single stage systems are more accurate than the throwers on progressives. The older hand tricklers are slower, which is why I don't use them. I also don't use an electronic scale if I'm not running an electronic dispenser. A beam scale and trickling with the end of your fingers is a fantastic way to trickle faster without losing charge weight accuracy.

  14. Just a Magpul bipod. I’ve used them a few times and like them.

  15. I have also used magpul bipods. I have used Harris bipods, which cost the same as magpul. I dont have magpul bipods anymore. All Harris for me. Harris SBRM 6-9" is a much better bipod for that price point

  16. Sort of depends upon what kind of shooting your doing doesn't it? If you're deer hunting and didn't get your animal in 3 I doubt you're going to it in 10. I had a friend that sighted in by one shot, his thought was the first cold bore shot was the only one that counted. Now I found a technique we're I stack targets and do a 20 shot group which gives me two 10 shot groups, four 5 shot groups and multiple 3 shot groups. Just requires a range where I can travel down to target buts multiple times.

  17. If your groups spread out as your barrel heats up, you have a shit barrel.

  18. It's mainly point of impact that shifts, but if what you said were true then there would be no such thing as heavy barrels. The original barrel on my 24" 7RemMag Tikka Superlite weighs 2lb 4oz; the barrel in this rifle weighs about 3lbs. My Tikka definitely heats up faster and has noticeable shift when hot....but wasn't designed to do multiple rounds in quick succession(unlike a PRS rifle with a much heavier barrel contour). My buddy's rifle does a little bit better, 6.5PRC Tikka Super Varmint, but even then his groups get worse the longer he shoots. Tikka guarantees 3rd MOA for their rifles and 5rd MOA for their heavy-barrel rifles.

  19. Look at the center of your each of your different 3 round groups. You'll find that every 3 round group had a slightly different center. This tells you your barrel is not as accurate as it appears. The reason groups appear to "open up" as it gets warm is not because the group is actually opening up. It's because your actual zero is a little bit off and your accuracy isn't as good as you thought. A good barrel will show the same group center point with every 10-15 shot group, even lightweight barrels. That group may not be as small as the 3 round groups, but the center of that group will be in the same spot much more often than the 3rd group.

  20. Ya gotta have some variety. Gotta get some bolt guns and handguns and some sub guns.

  21. Did the seller say how many rounds have been through the barrel? 6.5CM only has a barrel life of about 2500-3000 rounds. If it was used as a comp gun, it may not have much barrel life left.

  22. Description was pretty vague, but said it had a clean bore, and all the pictures look like it was well taken care of a kept really clean. I guess only time will tell.

  23. It can be shot out and still clean. A shot out barrel will still have almost all of its rifling. "Shot out" means that the throat has been eroded enough to cause accuracy loss.

  24. DD bolt gun is overhyped and overpriced. SIG Cross is ok as a hunting rifle, not for long range, too lightweight. If you want a good 6.5 bolt gun, get a bergara HMR or build custom. And by custom, I mean getting an aftermarket action like a Zermatt Origin and a barrel nut prefit barrel from someone like X Caliber.

  25. In my opinion it all depends on what you want to do with it. Call me old school, but if I had my M1A back and either one of my 308 ar's setting in a row, and the shtf, without a doubt I would grab the M1A. If you're putting your life on the line and want absolute reliability to go bang when you pull the trigger, they're damn hard to beat. I don't think it matters if you aim at the 10 ring and hit an 8 or 9. It's still going to put one hell of a hurt on it. Now, I don't know about the PSA PA10, and haven't gotten to put many rounds thru my home builds, but look at this subreddit and see how many people are having trouble with feeding issues, extraction issues, etc. I'm sure I'll catch a lot of flak, but this is just the ramblings of an old fart who carries a 1911 instead of a Glock or a Sig, LOL. Take it for what it's worth.

  26. An AR10 will run when covered in mud. An M1a/M14 will not. If you dont believe me, go to YouTube and look up "m14 mud test" and "ar10 mud test"

  27. Lyman gen 6 is what I'm using, and its been awesome. I compare it against my old RCBS beam scale occasionally to make sure it's still giving me consistent results. No problems after about 3k rounds

  28. Really good muzzle brake and the scope on my 20lb rifle

  29. I've shot to 1500 yards with 155's. Wind is tricky as shit. I also really like the Nosler 175gr RDF's for another cheap alternative to ELD-M's.

  30. Everywhere I've looked, the RDFs are more expensive than ELDms or SMKs

  31. You don't need to get fancy with SMKs, just load them to 2.800" and send it. As for powder, 42.4 grains of IMR 4064 or 43.0 grains of Varget. If you're running an AR10, make sure to use a high pressure bolt since most AR10 standard bolts are designed for lower pressure 7.62 nato ammo. They don't handle commercial spec 308 that well, and will pierce primers.

  32. Don't be a pussy, shoot a yote with a 308 loaded with 150 grain Ballistic Tips

  33. A0C says:

    Seekins PH2 in 300WM in Urban Shadow

  34. Learning long range on a magnum is not fun. Read the sticky posts on this sub and you'll see a section that outlines why magnums are a poor choice for learning long range

  35. If you are loading rifle ammo, don't crimp. It is absolutely unnecessary and just adds complication where you don't need it.

  36. It is definitely primer related. Also case sizing. If your just neck sizing, you'll be inconsistent. Full length sizing ensures consistent case dimensions.

  37. Would a run of the mill gunsmith be able to cut this? Getting a blank chambered has crossed my mind as well.

  38. You can order a barrel in this exact format from X Caliber for about 5-600. Turn around time is about 12 weeks. They do full custom made to order barrels for AR15s, AR10s, and bolt actions

  39. I was surprised to Google it and find out that the treeline on Katahdin is less than 4000 feet? Is that because of how far north?

  40. Yes. Though it has more to do with just how harsh the winters are in the new England section of the Appalachians. Out in the rockies at the same latitude, the tree line is much higher altitude, as the average temperature and weather conditions aren't as nasty as Maine and NH.

  41. become canadian and you will understand

  42. I didn’t know kid diddlers were allowed to own guns

  43. Rainbow flags DO NOT make them kid diddlers. It's just means they're LGBT, not pedos.

  44. I didn’t say that. They’re antifa. The odds of them being on the registry are high.

  45. When I was in New Hampshire I had Southbounders telling me how they had the hardest part of the trail done.

  46. I grew up around the Bedford/botetourt/roanoke section of the VA AT, and ive met so many people that were surprised at how difficult VA gets in places, especially if they've been listening to people says "ViRgInIa Is FlAt"

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