1. The bridge is screwed to the body of the guitar.

  2. You’re correct. What I meant specifically were the saddles on the bridge that move around, because they’re only held in place by the strings and the tension screws

  3. Once you get those strings up to tension the saddles are going to go right back where they were before since the strings are going to form a straight line between the tuner peg and the guide hole on/near the bridge.

  4. I’ve personally had the exact opposite experience, where none of my saddles were sitting in the same way after a strong change. It felt like some of those screws just wiggled around enough to make a difference. I also imagine string gauge is another consideration? Like how much tension does the neck hold with or without them. So when you remove a set of strings, tension is released, which can affect the bow of the neck if I’m not mistaken.

  5. I think the misconception here is how notes and chords translate down a neck. You should look into what a half step and whole step is. This will help you learn how the neck of a guitar works, it may not sound fun at first, but it’s fundamental to learning

  6. Very pretty guitar! My tip is make sure it’s in a place you can see it often…makes you wanna play it more

  7. That they thought the battle of thermopylae was a reference to 300.

  8. Cory Barlog actually said that the game takes place before the Vikings, since it’s during the time their gods walked the Earth, so the game can’t take place after 1057 AD.

  9. Well then Cory seriously fucked up his history or, as some others have mentioned, Kratos at some point traveled through time

  10. Lol my last tattoo, the shop owner came over and offered my tattoo artist a bite of their egg roll. I know it’s not the same thing but I was floored, like why would you offer that to someone in the middle of their work?!

  11. Belt from 1 with that brown cardigan in 4

  12. Thankyou so much. Lurking in this sub taught me embracing my femininity doesn’t make me less valid. Non binary doesn’t have a look. I hated dressing feminine when I felt I had to present as a women now I just dress with whatever feels me. Now I don’t see myself in a binary I found love again in myself. I still hate my boobs and I hate being sexualised. Still I hate my feminine side less now I don’t think I have to look like what people expect me to. It’s so refreshing learning this after so many years of confusion.

  13. Hell yeah! I completely agree, there is no “look” it’s just about setting your own rules and feeing comfortable in your own skin. Keep doin you my friend!!!

  14. Thankyou so much!!! Isn’t it weird how letting people be themselves for themselves and not society brings happiness!!?? 😊

  15. No doubt!!!! I’m glad for the solidarity and I’m happy to hear you are too

  16. I had never heard of this so I looked it up, and a number of states have banned this defense.

  17. You might be right there was a message that said dogs and I was looking at them for a min like what lol 😂

  18. There are limited words you can use to communicate with other players in the game, and people kept writing messages like “be wary of dog” right in front of them as a joke and it snowballed

  19. What year?! I the patina in the finish is beautiful!!!!

  20. I’ve had this guitar since I was around 13, purchased from my great aunt after her husband died for $300. Several years later, I wanted to trade it in for something new and was told it was fake since there are no serial numbers. Closest I’ve been able to find is the X-1000, but the head and tremolo are different. I am now 31 and really have no attachment to this guitar, is it even worth anything?

  21. being an Epiphone, it’s probably not worth a whole lot even after all these years

  22. I knew it couldn’t have been worth much, just wanted to have some kind of information in case I decide to sell it.

  23. What I meant by my previous comment was I might consider hanging onto it, as what you can get for it now might not be worth it’s value as an older guitar. And I might even expect it’s value to go up over time, this not being worth the relatively small profit you could make from selling it.

  24. I personally recommend acoustic guitars for beginners because they’re usually harder to play than electrics (the action is higher so you have to press harder) Consequently, as your fingers are new to the practice, you benefit from building more strength in your hands for whatever type of guitar you eventually play with. Equally, getting something that makes you want to play when you look at it is a pretty valuable quality to me.

  25. My boss once asked me to not call him “sir”. It wasn’t because he’s non-binary but because he was in the military and he didn’t like the association. Out of respect, I stopped calling him sir. What’s the difference other than that arguably one should respect their partner even more than they do a supervisor?

  26. No, not arguably. You absolutely should respect your partner more

  27. Ummm I agree, I was trying to be cheeky by putting it that way

  28. Crazy idea, get the necks swapped? I like the light blue more, but I understand the appeal to the rosewood neck

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