1. i think this has happened before its a glitch pretty sure

  2. Gekyume please drop music nigga ur 4 years old X was in the booth at your age making bangers like Kick In The Door and shit stop wasting time please

  3. This nigga Rob woke up and decided to make the most retarded post in history 💯💯🔥🔥

  4. X was as corny as it sounds literally a main character or on it's way on being the face of the music industry, if he was able to work through the pandemic and was given 2-3 more years he would have probably been the #1 artist in the world

  5. he was amazing and he had the potential to become one of the greatest but him becoming the #1 artist in the world is exaggerated

  6. Oh yeah no obviously let me rephrase, everyone has their own taste and is entitled to their own opinions ofcourse. I personally think he would have been the most streamed artist on any platform and one of the most well known artists on the planet. (He already is globally known but i'm steering towards the MJ status of being known)

  7. Alan ismail gotta be the smartest nigga alive he on some spiritual lvl we cant fathom

  8. this nigga stupid bro go ahead and log off for me retard niggas always gotta mention cleo for no reason they b like ''yooo hows your day'' - ''good g, but cleo a bitch'' ?? like wtf nigga

  9. I spoke to this nigga 2 days ago n he threatened to rape me n i recorded everything ion know if i can post it here.............. the call was 40 seconds long but shits hilarious

  10. i told this nigga my reddit too and ion wanna end up with bullets in my asshole he gon get my ip n send lil tecca or sum coz he got glasses & glasses = nerd so he def knows how to get my IP thru reddit SCREENSHOT1

  11. I'm not gonna be able to travel this summer coz a nigga has shit planned but if shits lit n ur gonna host another one nxt year ill def be there... ill b the headliner too yadig

  12. idk if redditcommenter2020 gonna see this but i just wanna say ur the goat man 💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 always making me laugh thru my depression&obsession + ur also the strongest person and richest/goodlooking on this planet and u get all the bitches


  14. gekyume flew into the courtroom n slapped the absolute gorilla shit out of the murderers den played a snippet of alone pt 4

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