1. I was gonna stop by shops near me on Saturday cause I'm currently working weekdays. Shops near me are usually closed on Sundays. Good luck to us!

  2. Absolutely! How else will you learn? I've gotten so much advice on my portfolio just from emailing artists around here that I like. I have been told to come in, they give me advice, or homework, and I go back to show them. I have also been told to show photos of my portfolio through email if the artist is busy.

  3. I want the bat face on me so bad, haha!

  4. Aw, I love the little pink goat! Where in NY, happen to be upstate by any chance.?

  5. I'd get the match on me! I wish I could, haha

  6. I could do better and I've only been tattooing for a few months.

  7. Yes, absolutely. I was diagnosed with NVLD and my husband was diagnosed with Autism but we both have very intense special interests that we obsess over and sometimes abandon quickly.

  8. Hello your submission may be removed if the following information is not provided. Please read the

  9. Don't you just love when the landlord gets new toys? Mine seems to be getting a new sports car every month.

  10. I started with a wireless pen machine and I love it. Intenze Ink and Starbrite. Make sure it's the actual brand and not a fake ink. Don't buy from Amazon. My pen was about 150USD, it has a charging port and cable. Spirit brand transfer paper and "Stencil Stuff" brand stencil transfer.

  11. People at least have to practice on fake skin for a few months to a year maybe more, take a cross-contamination course, and know how to draw. Bare minimum.

  12. Yeah, I would tip about 100 personally. Always tip, whether its food, hair, tattoos, that's somebodies family

  13. Thanks all! That's what I was thinking too :)

  14. Take photos of things that interest you, so that you are staying outside longer.

  15. Crisp linework! It's great! The only thing is I'd go back and add a small black outline around the strawberry to keep it from looking blurry in the future. But yeah, nice linework

  16. I think this is a great size for a first tattoo. Plus you didn't try anything to complicated. Some of the lines are a little close together, those might blur as they expand with time. Overall looking great!

  17. I like the size and the placement. Obvs your lines could use work, but they'll improve with time

  18. It will go away after some more practice! A few weeks in, it feels so natural now.

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