1. My 10 year just happened. I didn’t even know it happened until one of my friends posted about it the day after. It looked as sad as I thought it would be lmao

  2. I would pay good money for this. It looks delicious, great job!!

  3. Technically yes. But, Denver isn’t dropping that many games, even if they are gonna be resting. #1 is too valuable.

  4. All Gas No Breaks is the fucking best. So much shady shit I never would’ve known existed lol

  5. Awww shit no! I’ll have to look it up, I have t heard anything.

  6. Who famously lost generations and millions to ….. checks notes

  7. I mean, if you try to quantify something like love you'll probably end up at the conclusion it's unique to humans (or at least the same type of thing as intelligence where we use ourselves as a baseline).

  8. Oh, fuck off. There's no justification for destroying someone else's livelihood just because you're upset with society. Easy for you to say, when nobody's threatening to burn your house down. Douche.

  9. We destroyed Germany’s livelihood in the 40’s bc we were upset with their society. Is this an oversimplification? Yes. Is what you’re saying also oversimplifying a complex and nuanced issue? Also, yes.

  10. I get you man. It’s what aids in having an actual world view. Echo Chambers are boring, plus you get to realize how much you know when your belief/opinion is put under a microscope.

  11. Simple Plan fucking nailed that song.

  12. I've worked in retail since the 1990s, and it's always been like this. Other people just didn't know it because there were people recording it all the time like there are now.

  13. Yeah pretty much all my (extended) family, who’ve worked retail in pretty much any decade, have at least a few stories of insane customers. My aunt who worked at Main St. in Disneyland could fill a book and that was the 80’s

  14. Literally rewatching through Wild Thornberry’s rn. Nigel is such a good example of masculinity!

  15. Ohhh i thought there was a conspiracy theory about the alphabet not being real :(

  16. My favorite is when the get pissed at the thought of schools using Arabic Numerals.

  17. Sorry, I'll dump them somewhere else. Thought your gators liked them as snacks.

  18. I might be wrong, but the gist I got out of this is that time is an illusion, essentially. Whatever came "before" the Big Bang doesn't - in fact, cannot - follow the laws of physics that we see in our universe. This idea is fundamentally deterministic, i.e., the universe we occupy is essentially on rails, and free will is an illusion. That's my interpretation, of course, and I could be getting it entirely backwards.

  19. That is the best example I’ve seen of multiverse theory!

  20. How dare I have opinions. People with depression don’t deserve them! They’re clearly insane.

  21. Good on you for being an adult and giving yourself the care you need! Proud of you stranger!

  22. Lol I've been waiting weeks to find the perfect place to use this. 😂

  23. Patience is a virtue and you have been rewarded!

  24. Dope! I saw them at the Fox theater in 2016, iirc (AMA tour). Crazy to think they were in such a small place a few doors down just a year or two prior.

  25. Same! That was first electronic concert. Fucking great show!

  26. You think talking back like this is acceptable behavior, I guess.

  27. Idk where people are pulling “anti kid” and “shaming children” from and all that stuff. Seems like a big reach to make you a villain. But you seem really reasonable and yeah it’s too much even for a kid.

  28. If you have ever used the word 'you' when talking to one person, you've used a plural pronoun to refer to a single person because the 'correct' second-person singular is (was) thou/thee. 'You' was for more than one person.

  29. But there’s always the giant desert worms who emerge to spit out spice … or orcs.

  30. Don’t forget those damn Tusken Raiders taking out all those podracers and speeders

  31. Ah, yes, of course! Thank you for the correction! :)

  32. Pugs and the correct answer. Greeting fellow culture-enthusiast

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