1. seems like a nice fellow /s, what made him believe he could murdered someone and get away with it by lying... hmmm

  2. Well, I think murdering people instead of carrying out due process is not a great way to run a stable country.

  3. yeah......., if we lived in a real / stable society... [for everyone]

  4. Well your suggestion certainly doesn't help turn anything around

  5. its about fixing problems, not pretending people don't already get murdered by government workers.... for being poor / homeless, sick [mentally] or a minority.

  6. I've seen cops refuse to take breathalyzers or give blood during dui arrests. [claiming its their right, and they survived]

  7. the man had a fear of needles and when he decided to give blood, the cop said too late, hopefully the Colorado Police and Paramedics who suffocated a man suffering mental crisis is next.

  8. I was loosing hope on this case. I’m glad you kept up with it and shared.

  9. I didn't think they would be charged either... btw this was months before G.Floyd

  10. she received 61 packages through the mail and Breonna Taylor received 'zero'

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