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  1. I don't understand on one side we are blaming IPL and on the other we are blaming BCCI for not allowing our players to play in other international leagues.

  2. Can't even score runs on a free hit. There is no intent to hit shots. This puts pressure on Rohit Sharma to score runs and ends up giving his wicket.

  3. Why couldn't they just nuke the whole place and just deal with whatever is left

  4. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

  5. I have seen some fucked up shit. But this episode, I felt truly disturbed. I hope Ayanokoji really fucks up Ryueen in the next episode. Also props to Karuizawa to hold her own and not ratting out Ayanokoji.

  6. I don't think it will make enough money to justify a part two

  7. In the actual season 1, all this was covered. He did take an entrance exam and then asked for two years of permission to leave. Ideally all this was to be covered in the recap episodes. But they didn't cover that. I don't understand what was the point of reanimating season 1, but just not fully. So you should watch the actual season 1 to see all that. And the hate comes from the fact that Xuner is considered to be strong and beautiful, but she is always talking about Xiao Yan and waiting for him to come. So that makes others angry that she already has someone else and that he left her and is somewhere else.

  8. Check the warranty immediately. My friend bought a Dell laptop last week and when he checked the warranty it said that it had started from Feb 2022. And he ran cpu benchmark tests as well and the benchmarks are only coming half of what the average is. There are clearly some issues. He tried to replace the laptop as it was within the replacement period. But it got rejected because it was an open box delivery. The open box delivery is a scam. Don't believe in it guys. He even tried to speak to Flipkart customer care, but they were not ready to accept at all that his laptop was a used one. In the end he just gave up and is using that laptop. I feel so bad for him. Be careful of Flipkart.

  9. That's bad to hear. Just a clarification, if you don't mind. Did he check the "Manufacturing Date" that comes on the label outside the packaging? That's usually a quicker way of telling how old the product is. Also, you mentioned he reached out to Flipkart but did he reach out to Dell?

  10. Date of import is given as Feb 2022. He spoke to customer care and got the warranty extended till one year from the date of purchase. But still I wanted him to get it replaced as the cpu benchmarks are pretty shitty for him. I tried convincing him to do that. But he said benchmarks don't mean anything it's the day to day performance that matters and that he has no problem there. Anyways he isn't a gamer so he might not feel it. So I also stopped saying anything. If he is okay with using a 55k laptop even though there are problems, can't really do anything

  11. Is it worth filing a complaint? Do I have to go to consumer court if needed?

  12. Sorry for your loss brother but if it is now returned to the seller you can’t do anything. Next time this happen just go to your area’s amazon collection centre and pick it up yourself from there.

  13. I should have done that. Who knew they would behave in such a cheap manner in the end

  14. I think it's Wan Jie Du Zun. Season 2 is also coming up

  15. I thought it got cancelled. Because they stopped at a very weird point. Good to know S2 is coming

  16. Man I understood nothing. That was something else. I hope this Arc gets over pretty soon

  17. Nah trust me, if you like the anime you'll enjoy this arc.

  18. Yes my friend. What's even more is that Season 3 is also confirmed. What a time to be alive

  19. Rent a girlfriend season 2 literally just started today

  20. I was looking for this comment. Way too low. People should watch the Tower of God. Its too good. And i hope we get a season 2

  21. What does admissions mean? Number of tickets sold?

  22. https://youtu.be/zh4gzV_x3UM

  23. What was this guy in the bottom panel originally watching?

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