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  1. Yes this by far is the best Clue ever

  2. I love how he looks down to read the next talking point toward the end when he talks about his personal experience with this. Which makes no damn sense and he gives you no context on what he means by, “how he almost lost his mother to the poison coming across the border?” Does anyone know what he’s talking about? They are seriously leaning into being racists.

  3. Republicans are very concerned about human trafficking until they aren't

  4. Until it’s their human trafficking..

  5. That sounds about right for Wilmington. I love the town, but there are ALOT of con artist business men there. Like this sounds like this failed for a lot more than just no local support. It sounds like the business was being mis managed the owner was using his employees as props to try appear like he was helping the community. And it’s BS he tries to throw it back on the community for not being supportive. While I lived there I saw them all over the place and it didn’t seem like the public was against this brewery at all. And with that much start up money, your gonna tell me what killed it was Wilmington wouldn’t support it?? Na there’s more to this we’re not hearing.

  6. Im confused, if they had so much money invested in the business and I saw them all over town distributing to local restaurants what caused them to go under? The article says there was no local support, but I saw them every where in Wilmington so I don’t understand.

  7. I also think Rach and Zach must have finally had a real conversation about politic and religion during the fantasy sweets and shit must have fit the fan. I’m guessing Zach is very conservative and Rach didn’t like it so she used the age excuse to try and play it off.

  8. Joes Deli and Nate’s Deli are my favorites.

  9. How much are the licenses normally? when I called Ohio Medical they said it would be $250.

  10. And this is shocking? The GOP just cares about themselves and the bottom line.

  11. For one watermark your work and make sure not to send them the final file until everything is good. Second always have a contract, its good just to have your basis covered and to protect yourself and make sure you have a something in it about revisions. Third, yeah it really depends on how much you want to work with this client, if you don't want to work with someone who treats you like this I personally wouldn't unless they were paying you ALOT more.

  12. It’s a military training flight path, so I don’t think they are going to change that flight path.

  13. Ha yeah you can, if you like gen X. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

  14. That would be a hard surprise to hide… you would be walking out and you’d hear this loud as swarm of weed wakers.

  15. This all sounds off. First, the cop should have to at least file a police report if your neighbor was shooting at you even if it was a pellet gun so you should have some legal steps you can take with that. Second, in my experience with talking to the FAA they are usual pretty helpful. But also this is coming from the agency that literally makes rules before they know how to enforce them. I am surprised they would even respond that fast, they have much bigger fish to fry then a minor conflict like this. Also I don't know if the cops would report this to the FAA. I would call the number listed on the drone zone website and see if you can make a complaint.

  16. I would take a 711 over a WaWa anyday here.

  17. I've never heard of this drone, but my guess is it doesn't have a gimbal on it to stabilize the camera. The issue with most cheaper drone models is they don't have a gimbal built in to help stabilize the camera so all your footage ends up shaky. Your best solution without having to buy a new drone would be to use post software to try and stabilize your footage. ALTHOUGH after re reading your post, with the footage going straight to your phone it will be more difficult for you to get the footage into some kind of editing software.

  18. So glad to see this up here! Much love for PT❤️

  19. Shots look good, except for the exposure. I don't know if its the look you were going for, but even if it is I would suggest adding the darkness in post, just because once you've shot dark footage there is not much you can do to save it, but if you shoot it with the proper exposure you are able to play with the color of footage a lot more especially if you shoot in a log. I would suggest learning more about exposures, color grading with logs and I think you could really take your footage to the next level.

  20. Na bro Desus is alive in all of us! And I just googled it hes still alive. But for real when is the show coming back???? Probably not till Feb, they always do a long hiatus in the winter

  21. The night footage on the Mavic 3 looks pretty clear! Did you have to do any correction in post to fix the noise? Also what ISO did you shoot this at?

  22. I made the misstake to use auto iso. Used Neat video in post.

  23. Over all how does it handle with low light footage?

  24. Fuck tons, just not good paying jobs.

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