1. With gsync enabled for windowed and full screen mode enabled in the control panel with a 4090 and a Samsung G9 NEO, this issue is still present.

  2. Set Gsync to Fullscreen only. Gsync and windowed apps do not play nice, they never have.

  3. The disconnect problems are still happening, this firmware did nothing to stop the random disconnects. I am using the wireless dongle (Not Bluetooth).

  4. The flickering is caused by having Hardware acceleration enabled on cromuim browsers, steam, battlenet, combined with Gsync/VVR,

  5. 200us is terrible imo, not acceptable at all.

  6. I have tried. But when you getting spikes of 2000 every so often. Then 200 is good for me. I don’t know my system will go 50, 80 180 , it’s always fluctuating. I’m just taking the highest number. Do 200 is max. Is what I meant.

  7. Pretty good. What power profile u using in windows. Balanced or high?

  8. People keep saying this, and I check my dpc latency with LatencyMon for well over a decade now...... I'm not convinced that this is an issue, or is even a valid performance metric of any sort. I've seen 20, I've seen 10,000, there just isn't any difference.

  9. DPC latency will not affect game performance. LatencyMon should only ever be used in an idle situation, where nothing else is running.

  10. Hey there! The team had removed it due to its low usage, however, after receiving the feedback and considering the feedback submitted after this change, they've reintroduced it.

  11. Thanks for replying to this, and thanks for adding it back, I will get it back eventually when it comes to the stable version.

  12. I only play games, and i have the problem when I'm not using Prefer maximum performance in NVCP, should i enable it all the time or it's enough if i enable for the games i play, because i don't want the GPU to run at max clock all the time

  13. Finding this solution is not easy. But you are not alone now. The solution is below.

  14. That is totally, NOT, the solution, that only affects how something is pasted, nothing to do with Copying.

  15. yes on their website it states you get to try it for 7 days:

  16. Old one is better, I change back donkeys ago.

  17. Your playing a football game why do you care about ray tracing….. ffs they have bigger issues than adding ray tracing

  18. Raytracing was just a part of my issue, it could be turned off for those wo do not like it.

  19. Zzzz people play games for fun probably 90% that play don’t give a shit about all tech shit your going on about go outside pc nerd

  20. I'm guessing, CONSOLE player here..... No fun when the game is not smooth, and there are no AA settings to smooth out those jaggies, SMAA its a pretty standard setting to have in the menu..

  21. some of the best games in the world have average graphics.

  22. Its not about the graphics, its about being able to tweak the performance of the game properly.

  23. I have never seen a game in the 2020's + with so few graphics options in the menu.

  24. Same. Any idea if there's any changelog/patch notes to refer to?

  25. I think its the same as the beta testers had, but now its official.

  26. Anyone having hitching in Warframe after playing for like 20 minutes? Happens pretty consistently and the only temporary fix I've found is to reboot my PC.

  27. DPC Latency has nothing to do with stuttering in Games.

  28. It would be helpful if those downvoting this comment would explain why. This info is listed as a potential fix on several sites including Adobe Premiere forums.

  29. I know what you are saying, you are worried it may start to bevel in the middle because of lack of support.

  30. Yep you will always receive a refurbished unit, built by a receiving company who basically refurbish all brands, so its not even done by Native instruments, its a company in Germany, some Unit some where in a retail park. churning out these refurbished units, built by People who have no Idea what they are building, they just follow instructions. No love or care.

  31. I have the s88 MK2 and all of the transport buttons work in ableton Natively, no need for Controller editor as with the Maschine MK2 and MK3

  32. So weird the high power plan fixed this, but kind of counterintuitive considering I have a 5600x and Amd recommends balanced. On a 3060ti for reference.

  33. Yes it should be good on a balanced power plan. But Nvidia/Microsoft have messed things up.

  34. Tbh… I’ve just left it uninstalled. My headset and mouse work fine without it. I don’t need to change the sensitivity presets on the mouse so no need to have it.

  35. That will work also. They really should think about de-bloating the razer synapse software.

  36. Thanks for deleting your answer. Just replying to no one. Lol.

  37. The writers have a nerve going on strike. They all need to be black listed, re trained, sourced from else where.

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