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  1. Depending on the circumstances and exent of their alleged crimes, they may or may not have been punished adequately

  2. Goa and North Karnataka stretch are absolutely picturesque

  3. But they didn’t crosspost. Just seems a tad annoying

  4. How does crossposting make it better when it's alternate method of reposting

  5. The Kardashians. Can't pick them all to kill hence it's difficult

  6. Happens, don't let yours get close to horses

  7. Wtf, do porn sites host films like Shawshank Redemption now!

  8. When she doesn't know that the car has to use fuel to work and not her

  9. Guy waited his entire life to say those magical words

  10. Holy shit! So this is how NCAP crash tests are conducted

  11. Every time I read Khan, Kirk's "KHAAN" shout loops in my mind on its own

  12. Robert Tombs must be sobbing in some corner

  13. Saw this video where a stray approaches a woman while wiggling its tail as propeller, it was too adorable to resist shouting in awe

  14. That living as per societal norms is top notch bs, its toxicity makes everyone bad person

  15. Anyone know where this is? It’s beautiful!

  16. You can find more details about their operations over

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