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  1. Hilarious, laughed really hard, at some points more than others but wow, sensational

  2. Never eating fucking figs again man. Although getting greeted by hitler almost makes it worth it tho

  3. Do all vampires hate jazz or just you in particular?

  4. What’s the deal with fat vainy juicy throbbing cocks huh boys am I right

  5. Guys can you recommend me a series. Just finished succession and need a newy

  6. When he said "I done been had that louie bag" I had to cry while doing my kegel exercices for achieving a prostate orgasm eventually :(

  7. I guess you mean the stutter effect? You can use a sidechain gate and a muted track with the pattern of your choice for that

  8. These kids won't rape anyone, because they'll know how it feels to be raped 🥺

  9. Unfortunately, a surprisingly large number of victims become perpetrators themselves :/

  10. /uj Seeing that Mike's Hard Lemonade reminds me of when I and a bunch of my friends went to a potluck at a coworker's house for Christmas Eve. Her husband comes out with some Mike's Hard Lemonades and starts passing them out, only to stop and ask "Wait, who's driving?" not realizing that A. It was a Mike's Hard Lemonade and B. We had chugged down like 4 Steel Reserve 211's on the drive over (we were already hammered). One of us drunk fucks drove home that night and we laughed at the thought that 1 Mike's Hard Lemonade would be enough to make driving a bad idea.

  11. This is all there is so far but If I release a full track I'll let you know

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