1. Weird isn’t it? Perhaps it’s intended lol.

  2. No it won't. its capped at 110%. more than enough power for full performance.

  3. Work a job that doesn’t really exhaust you, continue building your dream. Life doesn’t stop with debt. Stay strong and pull through it. There’s always going to be hiccups no matter what.

  4. Right. I know if I go back to my old job I’ll have no energy whatsoever to do anything else at the end of the day. Therefore I’ll be stuck in no man’s land.

  5. Cashflow is King. If you come up with the perfect next venture , it’s difficult to get good positive traction and momentum when when monies tight.

  6. Guys seriously you'll be fine. Mining is dead and there is a global recession, there will be plenty of these to go around. Plus Nvidia purposely cut down the RTX 4090 substantially so that they can make an RTX 4090Ti that has a big performance increase. The 4090Ti will be the one that's hard to get.

  7. Idk man. Perhaps the 4090 Ti is not coming until 2024

  8. The Aorus 4090 Master. Zero coil whine, the biggest cooler of all the 4090s supposedly. Had mine since launch. It’s amazing. Gigabyte cards this gen are great by all accounts. Stay away from ASUS unless you like coil whine.

  9. Is it worth paying 2300 scalper price? Since they’re almost never in stock

  10. That’s up to you tbh. I’m an impatient bastard so if I was in your position my bank account would be $2300 lighter. The Master is a bad ass card though and you’re right. It’s never in stock.

  11. Yeah I could part with $2300 and have it on my desk on Friday.

  12. Bro I keep trying to tell ppl. Literally pulling dimes with high AR.

  13. This is propaganda to keep y’all taking low paying orders to keep your ar high and also as long as someone is still willing to take those low paying orders they will still exist. I’d rather get fired from door dash than take a $5 order to go 4 miles and probably have to wait 20 min at the restaurant. Nope. I’ll only be taking orders that are worth my time and if I stop getting any of those I’ll stop driving for doordash…

  14. You have to sacrifice and take shit then you will get rewarded later

  15. You might have to eat shit for a while - accept everything and unassign the insane mileage ones once in a blue moon

  16. Just let it drop bro. Higher orders for high AR is a lie. Cherry picking is the way!

  17. It really doesn't matter whether the 49ers & Bucs finish with 8 wins or 12, as long as they're relatively healthy and get in they're gonna be a nuisance to put away in January.

  18. The bucs looked awful yesterday And the 49ers might have the worst QB in the nfc west

  19. 49ers with CMC instantly became contenders. They’ve been great in the playoffs recently and almost won a SB with Jimmy G.

  20. As long as jimmy G is their QB they’ll be beatable

  21. You will have tons of scratches without a screen protector in my experience. Good luck my friend. I’d at least get apple care so you can get a replacement after scratches get too obvious.

  22. I don’t really care too much about scratches though. Plus applecare doesn’t even cover them.

  23. How do people not immediately put a $10 case around their $1000 hand computer to protect it from exactly this?

  24. Because a cheap $10 case ruins the feel of a $1000 iPhone for me

  25. Always protect your phone with a case and screen protector. Regardless of if you have AppleCare or not, these are expensive devices to repair and repeated repair/replacement costs also add up even with AppleCare/protection. Respect your hard earned money.

  26. Last year I went no case on 13 Pro Max. This year took it step further with 14 Pro Max with no case or screen protector. Shouldn’t be an issue I don’t drop my phone a lot.

  27. Anyone using their 14 pro naked? Just got my deep purple and love it, don’t want to ruin it with a case but the cameras sticking out seem worrisome. Not sure how sturdy this thing is.

  28. Yep, silver 14 pro, no case or screen protector. True beauty.

  29. fedex says delivered but it’s not there…

  30. I think you fell victim to a porch pirate…

  31. Yeah I was not sold on upgrading my 13 Pro Max at all, but now I am. That beautiful utilization of space for the pill shape is great.

  32. I’m gonna probably keep both 13 PM and 14 PM.

  33. Don't give in! Jailbreaking will always be better than stock iOS, an iOS 15 jailbreak will come soon if we all just believe.

  34. I just grew out of jailbreaking. I used to think the same way when I was younger.

  35. This will become the new norm eventually.. I’d say jailbreaking will never die as long as there is enough interest from tweak developers such as yourself & end users.

  36. Back in the good days average people were jailbreaking, but now, it’s just a bunch of hardcore nerds who jailbreak

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