1. Lmao..Yet someone is actually buying this and saying it's fire...

  2. Imagine how great it would be if they took care of the nugs and didn’t knock off 50% of the trichomes during processing

  3. Myself..lol..No need for overpriced hype..Dispos are for newbs or Straight laced prudes..lmao..

  4. He broke most of the bones in his body. They actaully used this jump in the promo for GhostRider.

  5. Makes me wanna pop my pack of smarock shake (oreoz x icc) 🔥

  6. I've got a pack of Frosted Cherry pie × Slurricane Oreos should be interesting

  7. This. They over dry it to avoid mold and go straight into packaging.

  8. And Ohio is Dancing with 2 Left feet..Not tooting my Own horn..But my Flower is way better than anything in Ohio programs of course ya got them Galenas fan boys..But it's grown organically lmao..Happy Growing...

  9. I have asked the LLCs to stop pulling the herb early since the program started. None of them will let it go longer than 8-10 weeks at the very most. They pull based on growing time, not the ripeness of the flower. They are all on time tables to get the most harvests in per year and do not give a shit what the quality of the flower is.

  10. I'm your Huckleberry..This Hobby turned into a passion..I'll no longer give my 90$ for 5.66 Woodwards or Galenas..I grow wat I WANT not wat Boof I get to be disappointed about when I crack that Plastic jar lol..

  11. Two ounces and Rythym is glass. I like variety and premium buds

  12. Rythym isn't premium Flower lol..Ya'll would lose your shit to try some Real Craft Flower from Someone who takes Pride in what they put out...Stick to my own...

  13. If you look at my comments and posts you would see that I clearly work for Galenas, certified, sometimes farkas lol. I used to work for Woodward and buckeye relief too but once their buds became mids I quit. But really coming from you that’s rich. How’s work today?

  14. Thanks I'm looking forward to trying out autoflowers I've wanted to but worried about spending the money only to stunt them young so I'm happy I got a couple free ones to try out!

  15. Ethos is pretty 🔥 just Chopped 2 CrescendO..Super stoney lol

  16. Nothing in Ohmed is worth the $10 to 20 a gram charged. Those measly 2.83 jars a days worth of weed that’s really only worth about 10 bucks.

  17. The lawsuit you speak of has been discussed and settled. Both parties are working with each other. If you don't know the facts, please don't come on reddit and bash FRX. Yes, some misfortunes happened, however, the product itself is of high quality and grown with a lot of care. The patients have proven this right by returning to buy the product. You sound like a disgruntled ex employee of FRX just trying to spread their name through the dirt. Please do better!

  18. Unfortunately they grow some of the best weed in the program. So I'm going to keep buying it. Everything's corrupt, everything sucks. I've gotten used to it.

  19. Nice. I've got this in Veg..Potg is Definitely a keeper in the Garden..CrescendO is a notch about tho lol...

  20. Yea..I always like to run wats in the dispos if I can find it... My CrescendO isn't for the weak tho lol..

  21. Mojoseed_co in Instagram he's got some of the best strains I ever tried

  22. Hopefully 1 Day I'll get lucky enough to have his Genetics in my Garden..

  23. Bought a slurriking that didn't survive seedling. And free a Nutter Budder X Pistachoo that's thriving

  24. Damn! Hopefully they make it right but.. doubtful. Only time I have had a seeded strain was a while back when I joined the program and it was Gpurp by verano, had to have 50 seeds I had to toss it.

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